If they do, this will allow My Daily Choice / Hempworx to ship products which are currently not allowed into the country.

Mexican News Reports

A top Mexican lawmaker says the nation’s Senate will vote on a bill to legalize marijuana by the end of this month.

Sen. Julio Menchaca of the ruling MORENA party, who serves as president of the Justice Committee, said this week that legislation to legalize cannabis has “already circulated to the members” of key panels following “many exercises of open parliament.”

The Supreme Court ruled in 2018 that Mexico’s ban on the personal use and possession of marijuana is unconstitutional and it initially set a deadline of October 2019 to amend the policy. But while lawmakers came close to voting on a bill late last year that was approved by a series of committees, they requested a deadline extension at the last minute, and the court approved it.

Congress now has until the end of April to legalize cannabis, but Menchaca said “we hope to take it out in the Senate this month.”

CBD Oil, with or without THC

I am not in the know concerning the inner workings of Hempworx, but this should allow Hempworx products to be shipped to Mexico.  I have no idea how long this might take.  However, the entire world is recognizing the stupidity of making God’s plants illegal.

Products Currently Available in Mexico

  • Mantra Essential Oils
  • Peak Spray
  • Boost Spray
  • Shield Spray
  • Trim365 Spray
  • Sleep Spray
  • Brain Spray
  • High Life Travel

So if you have any friends or relatives living in Mexico that may want to increase their health as well as their wealth,  you may want to tell them about this.

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