As we grow, we develop attitudes and behavior patterns that set us apart from the persons that we previously were.  No longer are we a newbie.  We are now becoming more like the person we set out to be.  Having acquired strength and tenacity, we now see things differently.

Tasks which in the beginning, were new to us, are now mundane and routine.  We are familiar with the products and understand the marketing plan.  Several habits of the extremely successful are now obvious to us.  It is becoming clear, why some people fail while others are propelled to stardom.  The many mistakes we have made are simply learning steps necessary to take us to the next level.

This can be a critical time.  Some will find themselves in unfamiliar territory and stumble in bewilderment.  Others will attempt new paths in order to achieve their goals.  Those that reach a plateau without a handle on the next level, may become complacent and lose the progress they have already made.

It can be a time to reflect and make new goals.  When affiliates quit or give up, one can analyze the situation and change strategies.

Success is not for everyone.

When speaking to people that have achieved a high degree of success, one will find that success did not come over night.  Many times success had been elusive for several years.  Network Marketing is NOT a get rich quick scheme.

Most self made millionaires and billionaires will tell you of driving an old clunker until they could afford something better.  Eating peanut butter sandwiches to save money, or even sleeping in their car, so that what money they did have was used for it’s maximum potential.

It is far easier to get a job and leave the risks to someone else.  Even getting a college education in order to obtain a 6 or 7 figure annual salary, ends up being little more than being a robot.  Becoming free is not easy.  If it was, everyone would do it.

Giving instead of bragging

There are so many people in network marketing that are teaching people to do things that they have never actually done themselves.  How many times have you seen an advertisement offering to teach people how to earn a million dollars buy someone that is eating those peanut butter sandwiches and sleeping in their car?  Perhaps not literally, but the Internet has created an environment where those that can’t, teach others how to do it.

The secret is to help as many other people as you possibly can.  If you help enough other people get what they want, you will automatically get what you want.  But keep it honest.

I discovered a greater level of success by changing my focus.  Instead of pushing people to do what they found uncomfortable, I let people push their own comfort zone.  Some will quit because I did not push them.  I no longer attempt to turn a grain of sand into a diamond.  I now pull instead of push.

I have been spending more time helping the homeless.  People ask me how I can afford to do the things I do.  I tell them about My Daily Choice.

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