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Network Marketing is about Building Leaders

One of my goals with this blog is to share what I learn as I grow my business.  Sometimes, when successful people talk about their success, they speak of the obvious things.  Like what method they used to generate leads.  But often times, that is not actually the key to their success.  What goes on behind the scenes is many times far more important than the mundane how somebody did something.

This even gives the impression that they are sharing their secrets.  In reality, they are simply sharing common knowledge.  This is to be expected.  It is not the goose that lays the golden eggs.

This is why someone can use the same exact ads and run the ads on the same platform, and yet have widely different results.  Someone might think that they are doing exactly what their sponsor does, and yet they can’t figure out why their sponsor does ten times better.

These “secrets” are generally for an inner circle that pays for the privilege.  The blogs and Youtube videos of the enormously successful are often the same information that the mediocre performers put in their blogs and videos.  This also is to be expected.  The information is true.  It is also helpful.  But it is not the golden goose.

Programming for Success

If your sponsor is not enormously successful, it is likely that he or she is learning, just like you are.  If they stick with it, they will eventually figure out all of the correct principles and behaviors necessary for excellence.  The problem with this scenario, is that you have people that have never done it, teaching people how to do it.  Some call this the blind leading the blind.  Imagine the difference between having this type of sponsor and having a 7 figure earner as your sponsor.  He or she simply shows you how it is done and then you are able to do it also.

My sponsor did not know how and so he was not able to teach me how.  I still had the same opportunity as anyone else in the business, I just didn’t have a mentor that I could follow.

So I began to watch videos and listen to recordings of vastly successful people.  There is actually very little difference between what the vastly successful people do, and what the mediocre people do.  The difference is largely between the ears.  So when you listen to highly successful people, you get a feel for their motivation.  A glimpse of their goose.

Dale Calvert

Dale Calvert is a highly successful network marketer from the old days.  But he came out of retirement and had to learn the new fangled ways available with social media, the Internet, and mobile devices.

He sent me an email a few minutes ago and emphasized something that I had learned on my own the hard way.  I have mentioned it in previous blogs and videos.  But because this email came from a world class marketer, I wanted to share part of the email with you now.  I did correct his spelling a bit.

I think I need to clarify a couple of important

Network Marketing is about developing leaders,
Internet Marketing is about developing an email

That is the bottom line, and that will NEVER 

Yes, the Internet is a Powerful prospecting tool,
but it is NOT A REPLACEMENT for the PROVEN

You are looking for the RIGHT PEOPLE at the 
RIGHT TIME in their life and if they come 
from the Internet or an ad in your local 
Thrifty Nickel paper really makes no difference,
does it?

This speaks volumes!  The money is in the list.

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