Health Food Stores

One thing you may have overlooked is the people that already sell vast amounts of CBD.  These people do not need to be educated on the benefits of cbd.  They may need a higher quality product, like Hempworx, but they already know cbd works.

My Daily Choice allows stores to buy wholesale.  Look in your back office.  Check out the tab named Hempworx Wholesale.  These are bulk purchases at a big discount, so no BV is paid.  However, there are a lot of advantages to sponsoring a Health Food Store.

For one thing, they can sponsor people and allow them to buy direct from the company.  The product is shipped diredtly to their home.  The health food store does not have to lift a finger to make a sale and receives a commission.  This allows the customer to take advantage of Buy One, Get One Free sales and other promotions that the company has through out the year.

Having a store in your downline moves product.  The store will also sponsor new affiliates.  Lots of them.  The store is just as interested in earning $50k to $100k a month as you are.  Just imagine if you had 20 health food stores in your downline.  And you can.  Each one gets easier as you can use the previous sales as examples.

Stores are actually easier to sell than regular customers.  With them, it is about money.  Best product at the best price, with a potential to earn a lot more.  Almost have to be a retard to say no.

Beauty and Hair Salons

Stores are already interested in selling hot products.  That is why they are in business.  Offering a 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee is a no brainer.   The proprietors of these businesses are interested in profits.  They already know how to run a business.  You do not need to convince them that being in business is a good idea.  Their brains already function.

Cindy Lou comes in and gets her nails done and while she is yapping, she can learn about the new shampoo that has everyone excited.  She discovers that if she sponsors only 5 people that each in turn sponsor 5 people each, that she is in the dough.  Her husband can quit his job and buy a motorhome and visit the Grand Canyon for a couple weeks.

Financial freedom turns people’s cranks.

Even the local gas stations and restaurants are prospects.  You won’t know until you ask.


I haven’t tried webinars, yet.  Here is what Gloria McDonald says about webinars.

Oh man!!! Looking back on it… I was in the right place at the right time.

With the right set of ears.

If I hadn’t been sitting in the room when she said it, my business & my life might be totally different right now.

But when she was asked if she had to start all over again with only $25… what would she do???

She said “webinars”.

I listened. And I committed to doing my first webinar.

I had NO idea what I was doing. I was scared to death. I was shaking like a leaf.

But I did it!

And that first webinar changed the trajectory of my business forever.

I’ve gone on to make well more than a million from webinars.

Swap Meets, County Fairs, and Events

These places welcome entrepreneurs.  There may be as many as a thousand people walk by your boot in a single day.  County Fair patrons get a little tipsy after dark and money flows like water.  Swap Meets are regular events that you can attend every week.  There are promotional banners and apparel in your back office under the Shop tab.

People can become an affiliate right on the spot with your tablet or their phone.

If you buy an easy to remember domain name for $10 you can forward it to one of your landing pages.  Then when you want someone to take your free tour, you just tell them to go to BestHome.Business and see if the business is for them.

If you are not on my team, but would like to be, please take my free tour.

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