New Sales Funnels coming

The capture pages we have now are among the best in the world.  In fact, they are so good that I can rely on them to close my prospects without me having to call any of my leads.

When someone visits my landing page and enter their contact information, they are entered into a very robust email system that sends personalized emails out to the leads based on their personal progress in the company.  For instance, an email might tell someone that 157 people have been entered into your downline.  And it is true.  The people were people that took my free tour and entered their contact info and are now in the system.  Some of the people are actually interested and some are not.  A few are fake names or names of famous people.  But, by and  large, people are truthful and enter their real name. 

Josh Zwagil made the post in the image to the right.  He is the President and Founder of My Daily Choice.  He has created the fastest growing network marketing company on the face of the earth.  Or in the earth for the hollow earth believers.  Of course even flat earthers can build a very large downline if they maximize the potential of a sales funnel.  A sales funnel allows you to sell multiple people all at the same time, while you are doing something else.  Like sleeping.

Earn Money Quickly

One of the things that has boggled my mind is how someone can be an affiliate for 3 months and not sponsor a single person.  Just taking the coffee as an example, if you get 5 people to buy the coffee on auto-ship and commit to helping their 5 get their 5, then a person in theory could earn thousands of dollars in fast start bonus by three months into the business.

So, let’s break it down a little as this concept must fly right over people’s heads.

  • Do you know 5 people that drink coffee?
  • Are they willing to change the place where they buy if they can earn 5 figures?
  • Have them sign-up right now online.
  • Have them make a list of 5 coffee drinkers
  • rinse and repeat

Most people should be able to complete the above tasks in around 5 minutes.  Make sure that those which can afford it come in at the Executive level.  Help your 5 people get their own 5 people.

Get on the phone.  Call the person that is first on your list.  Say Hi Jake, I found something that is so incredible that I want to get you in on it without spending a lot of time right now.  Are you willing to buy a different brand of coffee if you can earn 5 figures?  I knew you would be.  Only an idiot would say no.  Okay, now go to this page right now (give him the link)  and become an affiliate and signup for coffee auto ship and call me back when you are done.  Okay?

Do this with the other 4 people on your list.  If they come in at the Executive level, you just made $1000 in fast start bonus.  Ended up taking 11 minutes because Fred is slow.

Don’t waste your time on anyone that said no.  They might be too stupid to be classified as human.  Or maybe they needed to wait till payday.  Either way, they are not on your hot team.  They may ask you later if they can still do it when they see your new Corvette mid-engine.  May as well let them.  They can be your second string.

You should be able to get your 5 people in one day.  Spend the next day making sure that each of them earn $1000 in fast start bonus just like you did.  Rinse and repeat.

Teach your new people how to Duplicate

In Network Marketing, duplication is everything.  There is no need to do time wasting things like try the products or get your first bonus check.  No need to let grass grow under your feet.  Get with it.  Do it now!

If you get your 5 coffee drinkers in one day and they get theirs the next day, everyone will have earned a minimum of one thousand dollars cash.  It pays out ten levels, so get with it.  Nothing is easier to sell than coffee.  Everyone already knows what it is and what it does.

If you are not already on my team, and want to be, please click on this link and take my FREE Tour.


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