New Flavors

There has been many people wanting the NO THC in the flavors available in the full spectrum.  That has finally happened.  You can even get additional flavors.  The regular flavor isn’t nasty, but it isn’t particularly pleasant either.  Now you have a complete assortment of flavors as well as strengths.

Just as before, the broad spectrum, which has zero THC has a white cap, whereas the full spectrum, which does contain THC, has a black cap.

Flavors are Peppermint, Watermelon Mint, Natural, Lemon Lime, Orange Sunshine, Cinnamon, and Strawberry Guava.  As you can see in the image above, strengths vary from 500 t0 1500.  This is a fabulous addition of products which will surely increase your sales.

Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum

The black lids and caps make it real easy to tell the difference between full spectrum and broad spectrum.  For those people having to submit to urinalysis to see if you are taking God’s plant in order to have a healthier life, can pass the test with flying colors.

Hopefully, government will wise up and realize that not only is CBD a Godsend, but that a small amount of THC is actually required for best results.  I suppose that is why God put it there.

Soft Gels

The softgels will surely be a favorite among the people that take melatonin to sleep.  The Coffeeberry extract is taken from the fruit of the coffee plant and is rich in anti oxidants, but does not contain any coffee from the bean of the plant.  Curcumin comes from the Tumeric plant and has long been known for it’s medicinal qualities.

Be sure to let your people know that these new products are available.

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