There is no free lunch

Many times when a new member of a network marketing company begins to recruit affiliates, they paint a false image of what the opportunity actually entails.  The new “marketer” does not intend to be deceptive, but sometimes in the enthusiasm of the moment, may suggest that a great reward awaits with little to no effort.  This over selling, whether of the product or the opportunity does a great dis-service to the industry.

A person is told that they can earn a fortune online and that it is all automatic.  The truth is that you can earn a fortune online and a lot of the process can be automated, but there is no something for nothing.  Sometimes passive income is described as earning while you sleep.  And it actually is.  However, you first have to work before you can sleep.  And sometimes you must even work very hard.

Creating a passive income involves placing people in the pipeline.  Your pipeline may be a sales funnel, or it may be a manual process.  A prospect must be found, a presentation made, and a way to finalize the transaction.  This is true for any business.  We can automate portions of the process.  For instance, I can run an ad and have the people that answer the ad go to a landing page where a presentation is made and the sale may even be closed.  There are adjustments to be made as an example, a person may need to see the presentation more than once.  Or the prospect may need additional information in order to make a decision.  The process will never be fully automated.

The Follow Up

Ten biggest mistakes when making a follow up.

  1. Not making the call in the first place
  2. Not making enough calls
  3. Calls or contacts not on a regular basis
  4. Waiting too long to follow up
  5. Lack of variety of reasons to call
  6. No clear purpose in the call
  7. Not leaving a message
  8. Did not collect critical data for future calls
  9. Forgot to ask for referrals
  10. Not being organized to store data

I could spend a good amount of time on each one of these.  Perhaps I will devote a small video to each one.  Suffice it to say for the time being that you need a system.  Chances are very good that a person may be only slightly interested on your first call and may need several more encounters to make a final decision.  Most sales are made on the 7th presentation.  So just think about how many people you have thrown away by not following up with them to see what questions they may have.

How many times has someone taken your free tour and visited your landing page and watched the videos, but did not make a decision to get involved?  One really nice thing about My Daily Choice is that the company does have an automated email system that follows up with the people that take your tour.  But it does not have the personal touch.  It does not offer to answer any questions they may have.  Sure, they can call or email you, but maybe they have not developed that level of interest yet.

The people that take your tour are interested.  If they weren’t, they wouldn’t have taken the tour.


How much effort are you willing to invest in order to earn $50,000 or $100.000 per month?  You should be willing to call or email people that have already shown an interest in what you have to see if you can bring them closer to making a decision.  Maybe they were about ready to commit and then a double digit IQ told them that network marketing does not work.  There are plenty of liars out there that are happy to deflate your enthusiasm.  Misery loves company.  They are poor, losers, and if you succeed they will be all alone.  They desperately want you to fail and will do whatever they can to see that happen.

We are selling success.  Freedom.  Happiness.  Time to do what you want instead of what you must.  Now really, how many people do you suppose might be interested in that?  If they tell you that no I am not interested in success or happiness.  I enjoy being poor.  I just love not being able to pay my bills.  They would be liars.

How many people do you need to find to be active affiliates in order for you to earn 6 or 7 figures per year?  Just five!  Wow!  Only 5 people.  How incredible is that?  Explain to me again why you are not doing this full time?


You should contact each and every single person that enters your sales funnel.  Some are just tire kickers or curiosity seekers.  Some are interested and wonder what it is about, but not enough to invest any money.  The ones that take a look and would otherwise forget about it if you did not contact them, may be some of your best people.  They are interested in earning more money.  Perhaps they do not know if you are for real or maybe there wasn’t enough information for them to make a decision.  When you contact these people, you become real.  Before you were a nothing.  Now you have shown an interest in them are are willing to answer any questions.

I use GetResponse.  It allows me to create multiple lists for different purposes.  My main list which I can segment into those which are highly interactive, those who have never did an internal click, or the entire list.  But for Pre-Enrollees, I need a completely separate list.  These have answered my ad and taken my free tour, but have not become an affiliate or made a purchase.  They might in the future so I won’t give up on them just yet.  I will give them more information.  Help them to make a decision.  Some will unsubscribe.  That is fine.  The ones that are still on the list are interested.

How many letters to write?

It took a little coaching, but some of these people became affiliates and purchased products.  If I had not contacted them and just left it to the company autoresponder, I would have lost them.  Now they are on their way to getting a check.

You write just one letter.  Then use the same one over and over.  You keep improving it so it gets better with time.  If you use GetResponse, you can add a [firstname] field to automatically insert their name and make it personal.  Then you write a different letter for people that are already engaged.

Can you succeed?

Do you think you can find five people that want financial freedom?  Are you willing to share with them the things you learn that work?  You can write a blog and record some videos to keep your people up to speed.  This frees up your time.  After a while, Google recognizes you as an authority on the subject.  You must be, you wrote 50 articles on it.  Then you get free traffic from search engines that think you can answer people’s questions.  They seek you out, join your team and earn you money.  If you are not already a member of my team, but would like to be, please take my FREE Tour.  If you already know you want to be successful and haven’t taken my free tour, but want to be placed in my Advanced Participation Team, please contact me.

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