According to Hemp Industry Daily, CBD purchases are made as indicated in the chart.  None of the chart criteria indicates Network Marketing companies specifically, but we know that at least a hundred million dollars worth of product was purchased from My Daily Choice in 2018. Still, what the chart does indicate is that lots of people are purchasing their product from a source that does not allow them to earn money with their purchase.  This means that perhaps hundreds of thousands of people or more, are purchasing cbd oil every month without the benefit of the MDC/Hempworx compensation plan.

So, as you are likely aware, when people purchase products from My Daily Choice, they have the opportunity to earn money or even get their own personal product for free.

These people are already aware of the benefits of cbd.  They already use cbd.  All you have to do is to get them to change the place where they buy it.  Since MDC has the highest quality Full Spectrum CBD Oil on the market, this shouldn’t be too difficult.   Even if they don’t wish to earn tens of thousands of dollars each month as a residual income that is generational and can be inherited by their posterity, they may be interested in earning just enough to pay for their own use.  This isn’t too difficult either considering that they are already aware of the benefits and therefore have a personal testimony of the product.

This gives them an incentive to tell their friends or even strangers they meet at the supermarket, how they get relief from fibromyalgia, sleep disorder, anxiety, or whatever it is they take cbd for.  After all, the company offers a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee, so what have they got to lose?  Well, except for pain and misery, that is.

So, when they see their pharmacist that cells a funky brand over the counter, they can suggest that the pharmacy sell a higher quality product, with a guarantee, and earn a commission on customers ten levels deep.  Of course, grandma and grandpa on a fixed income may be interested in that deal, also.

Imagine grandma’s delight when she gets an email that tells her today is pay day and her account has been credited with a hundred dollars because of the purchases made by people that she recommended the product to.  Even if grandma only personally purchases one bottle of cbd for personal use, she would receive a $12 commission on anyone she recommended the product to on their first purchase of a bottle of cbd.  And they buy direct from the company so grandma does not have to have any inventory on hand to sell.

Then, one day grandma gets an email that says someone that she recommended the product to had told lots of people about how cbd helped with her daughter’s epilepsy when she was at the doctor’s office and she sponsored 13 people and now grandma is getting a commission on all of that.

Now, grandma has a sparkle in her eye and a certain spring in her step.  She gets excited to get out of bed in the morning.  At the annual family reunion people are all crowded around grandma to hear how she gets a check every month and she is thinking of buying a motorhome and traveling around the country.

If you want to find out how you, too can get in on the cbd excitement, please take a FREE Tour and see what this business can do for you.


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