A child has it

As you approached a year old, you stood up and took a step, fell down, got back up and tried it again.  After a few attempts, you no longer fell down.  Same thing when you learned to ride a bike.

When you were dating and looking for a potential mate, you likely discovered that there are a lot of undesirable possibilities.  If you settled for less than you deserved, or less than you were actually looking for, you may have ended up looking again later on.

Deciding what we want in life, and creating a plan of action to achieve the goal, is essential if we hope to succeed.  Like George Harrison said “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”

You were not put on this earth to fail.  If you have not achieved the things you desire, it is because you have not been nearly persistent enough.  When a man is drowning and is attempting to get air, that is persistence.  Persistence is the act of making it or dying.  If your goal is not that important or mean that much to you, then perhaps that is the very reason you are failing to achieve it.

When did you lose it?

How many people waste enough money on alcohol and cigarettes to fund a multi-million dollar pension, but would rather be drunk and get cancer?  How many idiots do the very same thing with a new automobile when a ten year old vehicle is good enough?  Virtually all of the self made millionaires will tell you that they drove a clunker and lived within their means before throwing away their chance of success by trying to be something they were not.  If you hate yourself so much that you need a new car or truck in your driveway to make people think you are worth something, then maybe you need to re-evaluate what your worth truly is.

A professional athlete did not get that way over night.  He or she spent countless hours doing mundane tasks over and over again until they were nearly sick of it.  Then some young whippersnapper comes along and says “I want what you have.”  The athlete smiles and asks “Are you willing to do what it takes to get it?”

Lots of people say that they want to be successful.  Maybe they spent over an hour in a network marketing company and when not rich by Friday, declared that the company was a scam and the opportunity non existent.  Persistence was the thing that actually was non existent.

Blame, complain, and explain

Many times in today’s world, people think that somebody has to give them something for free.  If I only had this or that, I could do better.  Well, then, get off your lazy butt and go get the this or that.  Excuses are like rectums.  Everybody has one.  Some people are simply too stupid to see an opportunity when one arises.  If opportunity knocks and you refuse to open the door, then the problem lies solely with the person you see in the mirror.

Success is a choice.  Right now there are countless ways to become wealthy.  Many have sophisticated and automated techniques that make the job much easier.  Sometimes simply making the choice is all it takes.  But when the opportunity provides step by step action steps and provides the tools for you to take the steps, and you refuse to take the steps, then you, yourself are the killer of that success.

Here is one such opportunity.  It is mostly automated.  All you have to do is to send people to a landing page that the company gives you for free.  The landing page is actually a sales funnel.  The people that are truly interested will be sold by the system.  The system follows up with them for up to 6 months to help them along the way.

The system is simple and depends on helping other people.  Helping them with their health or wealth or both.  You keep sending new people to your landing page.  Some take hold.  Others fall away.  The ones that take root will multiply.

Take this FREE Tour.  See if this business can be for you.  It has already created many millionaires and far many more have become self reliant and financially independent.

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