Money trees do not grow over night. If you do not care for them, they will die. Many people prefer not to have a money tree because it requires maintenance and they already have all of the money they want and so you could give them a seed and they would simply throw it away.

I live in the desert where water is a premium. I start planting my garden in mid May if weather permits. I use thousands of gallons of water before I am able to eat a single tomato, pea, or grape. But I know that my seeds are good and that if I am patient and care for the plant until it matures, it will return to me a thousand times more than I gave to it. People that do not understand this principle are quick to complain about the water and time it takes in the beginning for no return. I call these people brown ears. That is because they have had their head up their ass for so long that there is a permanent discoloration of their ears. Will it do me any good to attempt to tell them the truth about gardening? Of course not. They have their mind made up and if they do not have enough vegetables, they will simply buy some, beg some, steal some, or get on welfare and complain about how it is Trump’s fault.

Last year I found some very special seeds. These seeds are of the highest quality. These are money tree seeds. The trees are guaranteed to grow as long as you follow the growers guide. The best part is that I am willing to give you a seed for free. You may ask how I can afford to do this? It is called the law of abundance and the more I give, the more I will have to give. God said so. He also said to be fruitful and multiply and this is an excellent example of that.

The seed is a company called Hempworx. You see, God created the hemp plant and for centuries it was used for ropes, paper, clothing, fuel, and especially for it’s medicinal qualities. This is truly a Godsend. It is legal in all 50 states. It has helped millions of people overcome health ailments. The business grows just like a money tree. There is no limit to how much money you can earn. My sponsor currently earns well over a hundred thousand dollars each month. That’s month.

So forget what the retards have told you and even any failures that you may have experienced previously because you did not know what you were doing.

I am in a successful organization of winners and can help you to grow your money tree.

You have to take the proper steps and in the proper order. Once you have planted your money tree, you need to help it grow. When you become an affiliate, you receive a back office where you can do many things. You can watch your tree grow. I have one leg that is now over 6000 levels deep. Not a typo (six thousand).

You need to do every thing that you can to help this tree grow. You need to tell your Fakebook friends about it. You should join a forum that interests you like photography, gardening, religion, or whatever you like. Most forums allow you to have a signature line where you can add a link to your landing page. The company provides you with many different landing pages. They even provide tracking and analytics so you can see which ads or links bring in how many people. You need to send as many people as you can to your landing pages. You can even create your own web site or blog. Do whatever you can to get people to your landing pages. It is not enough to simply send them to your company page. Your landing pages get their name and email address.

Business cards are absolutely the cheapest form of advertising. You can get 500 or a thousand business cards for around $20. You can insert a card into every item you ship on eBay. You can place them around town on bulletin boards at the post office, laundromats, bank, or wherever people gather.

You should tell everyone you know. CBD stops cancer growth. CBD helps epilepsy perhaps more than anything else on earth. CBD oil can be used for chronic pain. There are many uses for CBD oil. You don’t need to bug anyone. Once they know, you may never have to tell them again. But if they have cancer, epilepsy, MS, diabetes, or something else and they find out you had a way to help them and didn’t tell them about it, they may never forgive you. On the other hand, if you save their life or make them more comfortable than they have been in years, they will not be able to thank you enough.

You can place an ad for just a few dollars a month in a rural newspaper and direct them to your landing page. If they want to know what it’s about, they have to leave their name and email. They take a free tour and if interested they signup. The work was all done for you and you never even had to get off your butt, except to write the ad.

This blog has many articles and videos that can help you. I will help you personally if I can. I do have my own web servers and can help you get your own site or blog.

There is only one way to fail and that is if you quit. A blog can take over a year to get traffic. Many of the things you do take time to be effective. It all adds up though and the longer you do it the easier and more productive it will become.

Make your doctor aware that you have a new business and show him how his income can far exceed his medical income by simply helping patients solve their ailments with the God given remedies that actually work and do not kill them in the process.

Your hair dresser, gas station grocery store, fast food place, neighbors, and others can all benefit from treating their ailments naturally and growing their own money tree.

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