I have obtained a limited number of police issue Kevlar Vests.  Kevlar is superior to plates as the kevlar wraps completely around the body whereas a plate vest which only protects front and back, allows a bullet into your sides.  These vests normally sell for $1,000.00 but for this special offer are only $400.00 for the Large/XL size and only $300.00 for the Small/Medium size.  Price does not include shipping charges.  You can pick these up in Duchesne, Utah and save shipping charges or I will ship them anywhere in the United States if you pay with PayPal including shipping charges.  Shipping charges are $25.00 I have an ad on KSL.com with my contact information.  https://www.ksl.com/classifieds/listing/50261096 Here is a short video that shows the vests. https://floydhumpherys.com/downloads/Andy-BP-vest-good.mp4   [evp_embed_video url="http://floydhumpherys.com/downloads/Andy-BP-vest-good.mp4"]   The rating on the vests when they were tested was for 9mm, 45 cal. and .357 magnum, 5 shots each at point blank range. You know, when the knight left the castle, he never left without his sword, and he also NEVER left the castle without his SHIELD. You look out there today and things might look a little scary. You have have lots of guns and ammo….but what about your shield. Just because you have a gun, does not mean that you won’t get shot. That brings us to my offer. I have made a special purchase of British Police Issue Surplus Bullet proof vests and I’m offering them to you far below the original price. In fact, the price is ridiculously cheap. The vests do have Police marking on front and rear, which you can easily remove.        

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