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One of the things that happens when many people set about becoming wealthy, is that they do not have the right frame of mind for it.  So they join a network marketing company and find that it is very difficult to recruit new affiliates.  This is not because of the company or products.  This is due to the crud that occupies the gray matter between their ears.

When speaking with different people that have become successful in network marketing, I have found that most if not all, did not become successful on their first try.  There was a learning process that had to be done before the person was ready to become successful.  Or another way of putting it would be, before the person deserved to be successful.  People do not follow blind sheep.

In order for me to follow you, I need to know that you are worthy of my following.  How many people in network marketing today are telling people how they can become wealthy, when the person saying that, actually has no idea whatsoever on how to accomplish it?  Do you want to know why poor people generally fail to become wealthy?  Because they have poor people’s ways.  Rich people have rich people’s ways and they are far different.  How many dumb asses do you know that drive a car they can not afford?  Pretty much everyone with a car payment.  They are far too stupid to become wealthy.  Ask people that are wealthy and they will tell you that they drove an old beater until they could afford something better.  The very last thing a successful person does is to live beyond their means.

Obvious Success Habits

Public school does not teach how to be successful.  For one thing the teachers are too stupid.  They do not know how to become successful.  Most of them have car payments.  But, if you teach a child to never spend more than 70% of his or her income, when they are a child, they will do it for life.  The remainder can be used for charity and to make a profit.  Profits are better than wages.  Wages can keep you alive.  Profits can make you wealthy.

Profits can come in ways other than money.  Leave a place better than you found it.  Many apartment dwellers leave the place trashed when they move.  Things they touch, turn to trash.  When you leave a car better than you found it, you can sell it for more than you paid for it.  These are qualities that trash do not have.  That is why the trash do not become successful.

Giving to charity makes one generous.  A while back I made a dozen or so videos on the homeless.  I spoke with a man that earned 6 figures, but was still too stupid to avoid a truck payment.  Anyway, he told me that he never gives to the homeless or less fortunate.  What a pity that he has never seen the eyes of someone after truly being helped.  His marriage is a shambles.  He is even too stupid to have have more than a weeks supply of food and other necessities on hand.  Easy come, easy go.  If he loses his job, he will lose everything and be broke and cry that there was nothing he could do.


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