There is also gold and silver in your old phones.  How may phones do you have?  I have a couple dozen.  Most people throw away their old computers and I have seen hundreds of them in dumpsters and land fills.  Nothing quite like flushing pure gold down the toilet.

When people live in apartments they are deciding not to save anything because there is no place to put it.  Like little moron robots, they sort their rubbish into bins so that the county can make millions of dollars of cash from it and give them absolutely nothing.

In a disposable society they haul things to the dump including automobiles.  Organizations like the NRA make millions of dollars collecting people’s old cars so they can promote the police confiscating guns.  Oops, I thought they were FOR the second amendment.

How many soda cans do you throw away that are worth fifty cents a pound?

Here is how to extract the gold from a computer CPU:

Here is how you get the silver frpm thrown awat CDs:



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