Passive income is created in Network Marketing by building a customer and sales base.  Money is earned when products are purchased.  Therefore, the more people that you have in your network, the more money you will earn.

So how many people should you recruit before quitting recruiting?  Well, if you reach a million buyers in your downline and are therefore earning several million dollars per month in commissions, it may be okay to slow down a little.  But why on earth would anyone ever want to stop?  The more you recruit, the money you earn.  The only reason to stop recruiting would be if you simply have far too much income and do not want any more.

In today’s technological world, the number one task to master in order to become financially independent with network marketing is recruiting.  In fact, if you fail to recruit, you will fail to become financially independent.  It is not only the most important task to master, it is the only one.

So in all cases, 100% of the time, when a person fails to become financially independent at network marketing, the only reason possible is failure to recruit.  Network Marketing is the purest form of free enterprise.  It is the simplest way to assure success.  If you constantly recruit, you will succeed.  In all cases, 100% of the time.  If you continually recruit, there is not even the possibility of failure unless you quit.

So in all cases, 100% of the time, without exception, whenever someone says they failed to become financially independent with network marketing, what they are really saying is that they failed to recruit.  Having good company management and a good product can make it easier to recruit, but regardless of the product or company management, constant recruiting will guarantee success.

How then, can one have a constant supply of new people entering our sales funnel?  There are as many answers to this question as there are people.  But a few things to keep in mind is that you will have a very difficult time finding 20 to 50 new people a day simply by talking to them.  Unless you rent a stadium or something.  But there are a lot of much easier ways.  Paid advertising is the most dependable and has predictable results.  This method costs money, but gets your message in front of thousands of people at a time.

Many people are able to use social media effectively without spending any money or very little, but you have to know what you are doing and have a large following.

There are many different forms of paid advertising.  I share my top three methods with all of my downline.  One of the methods that I use costs very little and targets a specific group of people.  You probably are already associated with a specific group of people if you think about it, that you can reach hundreds or thousands of them at a time.

If you have a system or technique that sends 20 or more people a day to your automated sales funnel, you will succeed.  It is simply a matter of time.


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