Unless you have a retirement strategy, you will have to work until you die and hopefully you don’t get sick, quit working, and starve to death. What is the minimum amount of cash you have to have working for you in order to retire on the interest or dividends?  The 10-year Treasury hovers below 2.5%. Put even $500K in them and you’re sitting below the single-person poverty level, netting less than $12,500 annually.  Not a very good plan. The iShares Select Dividend ETF (DVY) pays 3.3% – better, but that still only gets you $16,500 per year, which is below the poverty level for a two-person household.  You better come up with something better than that. Social Security?  Ha Ha!  Food stamps and medicare.  Thinking of moving to skid row? Of course, if you never withdraw any of your earnings, you will have more to work with as long as you can live on something else.  Or you could try investments with more risk and therefore a higher return, but be sure not to make a bad investment.  Some closed-end funds (CEFs) paying up 7%, 8% or even 9% can be good income candidates – if you choose wisely. If you have fabulous credit, a savvy closed-end manager can even borrow cheaply and juice returns. CEFs borrow at rates tied to Libor (the London interbank offered rate) – good living today with the international benchmark at just 2.5%. The “spread” turns already good yields into great ones. But then, the Unites States is trillions in debt which makes the dollar bill slightly less valuable than used toilet paper if the dollar loses oil trading status.  As long as the dollar is the world’s oil currency, people will accept the green back even if it has zero real value.  For the year 2011: The US Government spends $121,067 per second Of the total money spent, the US Government borrows  $52,162 each second– because it does not have it.  You can do the math and try to figure out how long an economy can live while spending more money than it has, constantly, year in and year out.  The plan of the democratic party and the NWO is to completely destroy the Unites States economy.  They are doing a pretty good job at it.  Trump got in their way though.  But according to the Word of God, they will succeed sooner or later and there will be wide spread famine and destruction that no man can even begin to imagine. But everyone will not be destroyed.  And there is still time to prepare and live handsomely during the desolation and destruction.  You better not be wanting something for nothing though, like the democrats and socialists.  Socialism is pure evil and evil isn’t going to make it.  We know how this all ends. The Founding Fathers gave us free enterprise and the Constitution.  They were inspired by God to do so and said as much in their own words at the time.  Once Satan took over the democratic party, things went down hill fast.  But, even so, God did not turn His back on us.  He gave us hemp and network marketing.  Godsends, both. One thing about MLM is that if you have a system and you follow the methods used by the ones who are successful, it is nearly impossible to fail.  Really, there is only one way possible to fail and that is to simply quit. The human body has cbd receptors and requires cbd to be healthy and heal itself.  This is why God created hemp and put cbd receptors in the bodies of all mammals. If you are willing to create a network of affiliates, which could take 3 to 5 years, you can have a steady flow of $10k to $50k a month coming in to retire on.  You can stock up on supplies.  You can buy gold and silver.  You can have a couple year supply of freeze dried food.  You will need to protect it all from theft, and that is why God gave us the second amendment. If you want to take a FREE Tour to see how to get started in such a business, please take a moment to visit: http://BestHome.Business        

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