Jill calls me up and tells me she wants to earn an additional $500 per month.  She has read my blog and saw perhaps a couple different ways she might do this.  She asks me if she can really do it.  Can I help her get started and lay out a step by step plan where she can make this dream come true?

The first thing I ask is “If I show you how to do it, are you willing to do what is required to make it happen?”

Most of us live in our comfort zone.  We do pretty much the same thing everyday.  We only have 24 hours to get things done and we already spend a minimum of 16 hours out of the day working and sleeping.  timeAdd a little travel time, time to eat, time in the rest room, and we have only a few short hours a day to spend building our business.

It is a business.  We are all self employed.  When we work for someone else, we are actually selling some of our time to that person or company.  We only have so much time and how we spend that time determines how our business grows.  If we spend several hours playing video games, we will not be spending that time on building our business.

One way to earn an extra $500 per month is to earn a small commission on monthly purchases made by people that are doing so in order to reach goals of their own.  For instance, everyone should have extra food storage on hand in case of natural disaster, interruption in employment, or even a one-time large expense like a car repair that reduces the amount of money we normally spend on food.  Many people have an entire years supply of food or more on hand in case of such an emergency.  Since many people do not have the thousands of dollars it may require to purchase such food storage all at once, they may decide to make a monthly commitment of just $50 to build that food storage over time.  By getting other people to get their food storage the same way, one could earn their own food storage for free and even make hundreds or thousands of extra dollars as well, depending on how many people they were able to commit to obtaining their food storage.

Thrive Life offers such an opportunity and even has additional bonuses whereby a person may actually earn an extra $500 their very first month.  Helping people to become prepared is not only financially rewarding, but also brings a certain amount of self satisfaction.

Thrive Life not only has freeze dried storage foods with a 25 year shelf life, they also have meals and snacks.  People that hold tasting parties, generally average around a hundred dollars profit in a single evening.  Of course, it doesn’t stop there because these customers continue to buy month after month and many of them even become consultants/distributors themselves.

Spending time the first year developing new customers is rewarded with a residual income over the coming years from the repeat purchases.

One can never have too much food.  In times of economic collapse, food can be traded for absolutely anything.  When the American dollar is no longer the world oil currency, it will no longer be in high demand.  Food will be the new currency.

A hungry man will sell his gold for food.  At bargain prices.

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