One of the easiest ways to identify a dedicated Disciple of Satan is by how they view God’s creations.   People against medical marijuana have an incredible hatred for God and all that He created.

Why would anyone want permission from a doctor which costs $$$$ to have access to a plant that grows naturally?

There is a long list of things marijuana helps.  Much longer then the short list perpetuated by the evil Big Pharma and the even more evil law enforcement.

Why do they think that if it’s legal all of their family will instantly be abusing it? Do their families have a history of addiction?

Here is a testimonial from a guy in Oregon named Ezra:  Study’s have shown cbd to help with both arthritis joints or injured joint. In both a unusually high level of cb2 receptors are found in the tissue. The use of cbd/thc is shown to fight inflammation in the joints by activating the pathways of CB2 receptors aiding in healing.

As far as how it worked for my boys autism. I’m not entirely sure of The process. Mothers naturally produce cbd in their Breast milk. We all have endocannabinoid receptors in our body and brain. Those receptors play their part in our development as babys. There are many different types of endocannabinoid receptors. Doctors know what some of them do but have not fully figured out what all of them do. Cbd treatments have shown in study’s to help with autism. From my understanding it helps some kids more then others.
In order to help my son we changed are diet in hopes that it would help him and in trusting the word of wisdom. We cut out all process foods. Plus we just wanted to be healthy ourselves.
The change in diet didn’t do much for him. He was a little more calm. Adding cbd was what really changed things. It was instant.

He was talking in complete senctances at age 1.5 when he got the immunization shots. He didn’t speak another word tell he was 5. I would count to 3 before throwing him in the air and catching him. He said “one” at age 5.
Age six he would count to 3 with me. So I would throw him in the air and catch him. That was all he could or would say.

We started giving him cbd At age 6.5
The next day he was teasing his little sister. Never even focused enough to play with her. Next day he said a few more words. Next day a few more words. Within a month he was speaking. He is now 8 and can read write do math. He is really into maps and learning about the world. Has memorized almost every county in the world along with its capital and its flag and interesting facts about them. He is very loving and kind.
My belief is it’s a combination of a very healthy organic diet and the cbd oils that cured him. I feel that god is the one who inspired us to find cbd oil for my son and us.

God specifically created certain plants and herbs for the benefit of mankind and expects us to use them for the purpose that they were intended for.  It says so in Genesis.  One has to be a real hateful person to withhold treatment from a sick person.

Here is one of Satan’s Disciples confronted by a man suffering from Muscular Dystrophy:

It is our duty to vote people out of office that have such a blatant disregard for God and His creations.   Further, it is our obligation to use any means at our disposal to take our country back and enjoy the freedoms that the Founding Fathers desired and risked their lives for us to have.




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