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Back in the early 1990s, I left flyers in the truckers lounges all across the United States helping truckers get an 800 number in their home so they could save thousands on phone calls to home. I helped hundreds of truckers get a toll free number.  Now, I want to help hundreds of truckers create a second income stream that will far surpass their trucking income.

I am talking about a side business that does not interfere in any way with your current business.  The startup cost is incredibly low and if you use my proven system, the possibility of failure is virtually non-existent.  This business is ninety-five percent automated.  But, like any new business, it does require a certain amount of effort to get it rolling.

Legal in all 50 states

The company provides personalized web sites, landing pages, and sales funnels for free that do most of the work.  In just 4 years, this company has produced many millionaires and thousands of people that are earning 5, 6, or even 7 figures.

When President Donald Trump signed the Farm Bill, it created a new cash crop for farmers.  Hemp.  Far more profitable than the declining tobacco market.  But farmers are not the only ones to benefit.  CBD Oil derived from hemp is changing people’s lives.  Literally.  Patients suffering from epilepsy call it a miracle.  And there are thousands of reasons to use it besides that.  The human body has cbd specific receptors whose only function is to find cbd to aid the immune system, brain, and other body functions.  That means that God intended humans (actually all mammals) to take cbd in order to be as healthy as possible.

With or without THC

For those that have to take or are subjected to random drug screening, you will be happy to know that the zero THC cbd oil will NOT get you disqualified.  It created an economic explosion.  People everywhere are trying to get on the band wagon.  But all cbd is not created equal.  And ways to capitalize on the cbd craze are not created equal, either.

Government has Truckers in a squeeze

Increasing government regulations, higher fuel costs,  and fewer work hours make a second income sound attractive to professional truck drivers.

This may be especially true for truckers:

  • who are approaching retirement and know they do not have enough savings upon which to retire;
  • who have families back home who depend on them financially; or
  • who continually feel the pinch of increasing prices for basics such as food.

But many questions arise, including these:

  • How can truckers earn more money when they already have full-time trucking jobs?
  • What kind of extra income could truckers earn — that would be worth their while — from their trucks (for OTR truckers) or homes (for local truckers)?

Check it out

No credit card needed.  You can take a FREE Tour, right now, and see what this business is about and how it works.  This is the perfect opportunity for truck drivers.  You have the means to grow a fabulous business by using the system provided by the company and my system for fueling it.

This system can earn you between $10k and $50k per month or more in just 3 to 5 years if you follow my proven method.  My number one home/side business recommendation for 2019 is http://BestHome.Business

The truckers had a pretty good thing going until the socialists decided government should increase control and decrease freedom and income for the drivers.  Radical Islamists have begun driving and truck stops may no longer be as safe to sleep at.  Then if you drive too long, you may have to take an unscheduled rest and leave you who knows where?

Many company drivers are required to stay out on the road at least 3 to 4 weeks at a time. Not to mention pushing 80 hrs per week, every week, on an erratic schedule. Then being forced to use e-logs was a major inconvenience.  Owner Operators and Lease Operators deal with the same hectic schedule. Heck, even you local drivers are working your butt off. I know full well when you get home at the end of your shift all you really have time to do is shower, grab a warm meal, and get some rest until you do it all over again the next day. Spending quality time with the family can be a real challenge.   Hopefully, you never get sick.  Health can be as big of a concern as money.  Maybe more.

Other Truckers are already doing it

CDL Life recently ran an article suggesting ways that truckers can earn extra money.  The perfect side business doesn’t get in the way of the primary income source.  In fact, it is so incredibly compatible that drivers can earn commissions by introducing this to other drivers.  On top of that, the commissions are all paid electronically directly into your account and everything is pretty much automated.

Here you have an incredible financial opportunity, coupled with a healthier life, more energy and stamina, and in just 3 to five years, you can be earning far more than you did driving.  Did I mention that the income stream is generational and can be willed in children and grand children?

Truckers are quite familiar with expenses.  Service calls, tires, even occasional oil changes and minor repairs are tax deductible.  With MDC, all of your expenses are not only tax deductible, but they actually earn you more money.  I am not an accountant, but when you talk to yours, you may discover how earning money can earn you even more money.

Tax Deductible expenses

Almost every expense associated with this business is tax deductible.  Even some of your trucking expenses if you are not already deducting them.  This business is so fantastically well suited for drivers that every driver should take a serious look at it.  This is no get rich quick scheme and certainly won’t make you wealthy by Friday.  But it is a very profitable business that is incredibly easy and inexpensive to start.

When you join my team, I personally send you a welcome letter and explain exactly how I grow my business every single day.  I explain a couple secrets that I can’t disclose on the web, that can guarantee your success.  You can succeed without my secrets, but having this information makes things a whole lot easier and productive.

Fifty thousand dollars every month is not out of the ordinary for people that take this business seriously.  Please take a moment right now to take my FREE Tour and see what this business is really about and how it works.

World Health Organization endorses CBD

Olympian athletes are now allowed to use CBD.  It should be noted that the use of cannabidiol in sport worldwide is a result of its approval by the World Health Organization (WHO). In February 2019, the Organization recommended to Governments worldwide to remove cannabis and cannabis resin from Schedule IV of the UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs.

According to WADA, the use of CBD by athletes does not violate the three fundamental requirements for a substance to be considered as doping in sport.

These three requirements are that the substance is harmful to health, enhances the athlete’s performance or violates the spirit of sport. In fact, these last two reasons are the main reasons why marijuana is prohibited.

Read the whole story in Vents Magazine.  CBD is not only safe, but all mammals have built-in cbd receptors.  This means that the human body was designed to use cbd.  God intended for us to be healthy and said as much in Genesis.

Furthermore, the knowledge that CBD is helping so very many medical maladies, that research is only as of yet scratching the surface as to how much help this plant actually is.  The more obvious things like epilepsy, pain relief, depression, anxiety, etc. are just a drop in the bucket to what you will find by a simple Google search as to what cbd is good for.





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