One of the main beliefs of the LDS Church is that of self reliance. We are not to be lazy drones, a burden of society, or depend on anyone besides our selves, with the exception of depending on God to keep His word and protect us according to our faith.
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Democrats and other Satanists want us to rely on government rather than ourselves or God, because it furthers the agenda of Satan for us to be dependent and controlled. It is not God’s will for us to be dependent on government. This is slavery. It is Satan’s plan for us to be dependent on government. This is one of the reasons that all democrats without exception are Disciples of Satan. Who should embrace self-reliance? All of us. If we are unemployed, underemployed, desperate for work, desperate for a promotion, or even in a good place where we don’t need additional income, education, or skill sets, we should definitely be working toward greater self-reliance. As we take opportunities to mentor others in self-reliance, we often learn much ourselves. Even if our temporal skills do not need to be improved, our spirits can be continually enlarged as we help others reach their potential. Innovation is a product of self reliance. When we are self reliant, we are looking for ways to improve our circumstances. We do not depend on government or the lies of democrats. We find ways to improve ourselves, our conditions, and our surroundings. In this way we are God like, unlike the dependent that are Disciples of Satan. Whenever one of Satan’s disciples proposes a new program to make people even more enslaved, you should do everything in your power to put and end to their plans. These enslavement tactics are disguised as helping people, while in reality, all they do is further enslave people and bring them closer to Satan. One of the great things about network marketing is your ability to create an income stream by being self reliant.  Your business will not grow unless you make it grow.  When you have an incredible product like cbd oil that helps people in so very many different ways, you can increase your business by helping other people solve a problem. It is the creativity of creating a new job where previously one did not exist that is the result of self reliance.  You don’t need a manufacturing plant because one is already provided for you.  All you have to do is provide the marketing. Some relatively easy things you can do to find new prospects in your area is:
  1.  Place an ad on your local bulletin board.
  2. Place an ad in your local newspaper.
  3. Leave your business card where other people will find it.  Like in the credit card slot at a gas pump.
  4. Send people to your company provided web site or even create a new web site.
  5. Tell your friends on Fakebook, Twitter, or other social media.
  6. Share your success stories with your friends and acquaintances.
Remember:  You are in charge of your own destiny.  

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