There are many ways to make money on the Internet, and a blog is at the core of most of them.  There are lots of apps that can be added to a blog, like Newsletter, eCommerce, forum, and just about anything else you can think of.  There are even apps to help you stay on top of your search engine optimization (SEO).

Getting a blog is very easy.  It is best to purchase your own domain name and setup your own blog than to go with a joint that offers a free blog.  These places capitalize on your traffic and can cut you off at any time for not following a rule you had no idea existed.  You don’t want anyone placing obnoxious ads on your site either.  Do it right the first time.

Go to: and get the lowest prices on a domain name.  It can be hard to choose the right name, but just using your real name is a good idea.  That is your brand.  That way if you change what you promote, you won’t have to get a different name.

You can host your domain any number of thousands of different places.  You can even host it where you bought it.  If I host it, you can add the WordPress blog for free by simply clicking a button or I can set it up for you.  Some hosts charge a minimal amount, but then hit you for every little thing and they should have just said all that up front.

Once you have your blog set up, you will want to get a Google Analytics account which is free.  Your blog is your key to free leads and everything you do to make it better will pay you back.  It can take a year or two for your blog to gain any authority, depending on the quality of your posts and how often you post.  Google and other search engines want to give the best possible results so they will not give you a result that doesn’t have Page Authority and Domain Authority.  Moz has a utility that you can check the DA and PA of any site for free.

You can do things to increase you PA and DA like purchasing backlinks.  When other sites link to your site, the search engines think your site must have value.  The value depends on the quality of the backlink.  If the Whitehouse links to your site it will be considered more important than if your neighbor links to you from his blog that he just started Friday.

Learn to use good titles and H1 tags.  Learn about keywords.  What is it that people actually type when you want them to find YOUR site?

There are a thousand people that will take your money and tell you they will get you on Google page 1.  Be careful.  Do your research.  There are a few ideas under my “Resources” tab. 

If your blog just sits there, no one will ever visit it.  You have to create content.  Content is King.  When you have good content, you don’t have to pay for ads or leads.  Google sends them to you for free all day long.  It’s called organic search results.  In fact, you can charge people to advertise on your page.  You can even charge people for a backlink.  Your blog is a gold factory if you set it up to be one.

Your blog can be a money machine if you feed it.  So feed it everyday.  Content and SEO.

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