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I am writing this for my LiveGood team, but anyone may use the info here to get a better life with more money.  The first thing you have to have is an email address.  Not gmail, hotmail, proteon, or other commercial email.  You need your own domain name.  You can get one for around $10 a year at  Your name is a good choice and probably available.

Next, you need a hosting account for your domain.  You don’t necessarily need a website, but you can if you want.  I recommend SimplyHosting.  They are cheap and are happy to set everything up for you.  You will need them to install PHPList on your domain.  It is free.  It is a mass mailing program better than any that you have to pay for like Getresponse, Aweber, ConstantContact, etc.  And nobody will steal your list.  Some of the paid services allow you to edit, add, or delete, names, but they own your list and you can not download it.  This is a real pisser because a list becomes infinitely more valuable after many subscribes, unsubscribes, and deletes for non delivery.  You want to keep your list clean so that your email always goes to the inbox and not their spam folder.

Next, you need an email client to send to the list when you don’t want to use PHPList.  For instance, you can use eM Client (free) to email people as soon as they upgrade to member.  You send just one email to one person.  You welcome them to LiveGood and give them links to your videos and training.

With PHPlist, you can have as many different lists as you want.  You may want one for pre-enrollees and members.  You might even have other lists that you want to send to.

You must setup PHPlist correctly.  This assures that your emails get delivered to the inbox and that you receive reports from email servers as to the status of each send.

You can use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to get qualified leads.  Try for a system where you can search a database to find people involved in MLM or home business.  You can search on city or state or anything else.  You get their email and phone so you can call, text, or email.  You can even automate the process and have the robots do it for you.

By emailing your members as soon as they join from your new email address, it gives credibility to your address.  Some people respond to the welcome letter and this makes your reputation solid with them.  Any interactions one on one with the new email address increases your credibility as a sender.  Delete any defective addresses from your list as soon as you discover them.  Keep your list clean.





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