Get your tax withholdings back

Did you know that you can get the majority of your Federal Income Tax that was deducted from your checks, back? Financial management isn’t taught in school, but it should be. Single people can get enticed by a shiny new truck that costs $80 thousand dollars and get stung by a clever car salesman willing to finance. That truck will go down in value every single day that goes by until it is worth nothing. Now, a smarter young person will tell the car dealer to take a hike and instead invest in something that will increase in value every single day that goes by. On the left you have dumb and dumber and on the right you have smart and smarter.

For young, single people entering the work place, the tax table goes something like this:

and for a couple, filing jointly, something like this:

Now, I am not an accountant and do not pretend to be. My purpose here is to show the amount of money that you may be able to get back by starting a new home business and claiming the standard legal deductions offered to every American citizen as an incentive to not only start a business, but to keep America great.

I am not against paying taxes. I am in favor of keeping as much of the money I earn as possible, and starting a business is simply the American Way. Let someone else’s money fund the abortions.

Free Enterprise is wonderful

The fact is, the Free Enterprise system is one of the things that made the United States great in the first place.  There are literally hundreds of thousands if not millions of people allowing the government to confiscate their earnings without even a vague attempt to get the money back.  In reality, we are all self employed.  We market ourselves to our future spouse and we market our time to an employer.  Some people get a better deal than others.

By taking advantage of the incentives that the government has placed in front of us, free for the taking, some of us may get back (earn) twenty grand just for starting a business that in the first year does not even make a profit.  Hopefully, your business will earn a profit, but all businesses have expenses including office space, utilities, advertising, phone, etc.  Home businesses are great because you are already paying for most of that already.  Now you can get the money back.

Work from Home

So the real question is: “Why aren’t you doing it already”?  I can even point you to a certified public accountant that specializes in work at home businesses if you need one.  Every town of any size has accountants that are themselves a small business taking advantage of legal and ethical tax breaks.  If you are in the military or move around a lot, no problem, your taxes can be prepared and filed from anywhere.

One of the best things about the particular business that I am in is that I can not only work from anywhere with an Internet connection, but I never have to stock inventory or sell anything.  When anyone wants to buy some CBD Oil or Creme, they simply buy it directly from the company and I get paid a commission.  Not only that, the company provides me with multiple web sites that are personalized just for me that I can send people to for more information or to enroll in the business.

I don’t even have to meet or talk to anyone in person if I don’t want to.  Of course, it is kind of hard to keep quiet about a product that is so fabulous that new discoveries are being made everyday.  Hemp is one of the most, if not THE most complex plant known to mankind.  Instant relief from epileptic seizures, for one, is a very big deal.  A simple Google search will reveal hundreds of millions of testimonials.  Wow!  What a product.

Residual Income

Some people shy away from Network Marketing because they don’t know how to do it.  Multi-level Marketing is the finest example of free enterprise on earth.  Now that you know how to get paid to start your business, let’s get with it.  You can take a free tour and see what it is all about.  Check out the back office, custom landing pages, even view your entire downline right on line.  You even have a contact manager to contact them when you want.  You could become a millionaire with just an email list, but that is a blog for a later day.  The thing is that you get a sales funnel where people enter their name to get more information.  The company even follows up on these leads as you will see after you take the Free Tour.

In today’s digital world there are countless ways of promoting a business.  When you do, it will grow.  Like a small child that you take care of when young that grows into an amazing human being, your business will not stop growing unless you stop promoting it.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. all allow you to share your new business with your friends.  How many people do you need?  If you get just two, that get just two each, that also get two, that is fourteen right there, and you only got two of them yourself.  But why stop?  Why stop watering the money tree?  Never stop telling people how great cbd is.

I have people that take the free tour everyday.  Sometimes twenty a day.  And I teach my downline how to do what I do.  You will need a blog and you will have to learn a few things like what search engines like.  But you can learn quickly and you can actually earn 5 or 6 figures a month after just a few years and there isn’t a college on earth that can match that.  You get paid while you build.  Not just from your tax returns either.  You get paid every week.  There are fast start bonuses and the highest commissions in the industry.

Tax Laws aren’t just for the Rich

Poor people have poor people’s ways.  Rich people do rich people things.  If it was easy, then everyone would do it.  Fortunately, with a sales funnel most of the work is done for you.  Some people actually prefer to be poor.  They are afraid to get a job or do anything productive because they will lose their welfare.  The fact is that MLM does not require you to be a genius.  There isn’t any free lunch.  You will earn everything you get.

Over 90% of a job is getting started.  Over 90% of all failure comes from quitting.  So start, and don’t stop, and 90% of your obstacles are already behind you.


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