A few people have asked me about other countries, particularly Canada, the UK, and Australia.  Primarily, I believe because these are English speaking countries.

My Daily Choice has an official social media page on MeWe.com at:  https://mewe.com/group/5bd8b1e5edeea30cfdef399c

Jenna Zwagil has posted a series of .pdf files relating to this question.  Apparently in both Australia and Canada, it is required for you or the person in question to register with the government as a drug dealer.  They have a different name for it.  You can download the Canada pdf file here.  It seems you must renew your membership annually.

My guess is that this process will change.  CBD Oil made from Hemp is not the slightest bit dangerous, you can not get high, and it is not possible to overdose.  Of course, even Vitamin B-17 is illegal in the United States, so one never knows.

There are claims that cbd can kill cancer cells.  I do not know.  I am not a doctor and wouldn’t know a cancer cell if I saw one.  The same claims are made about peach and apricot pits, which contain Vitamin B-17.  There again, I would defer to a doctor.


I suppose that if you personally know someone in Canada or Australia, it could well be worth their time to jump through the hoops to become certified.  There are people in the Leaderboard in your back office of MDC that show a Canadian flag.

I believe the company is shipping to the United Kingdom.  I attempted to place an ad over there but was told that MLM companies are banned from advertising on the media that I tried.  Perhaps someone with more knowledge on the matter will comment and enlighten us.

God created the herbs and seeds for our good and said as much in the Bible.  Big Pharma can’t patent God’s creations which are grown freely and so making them illegal seems to be the next best thing.

How many people are tortured with chemo therapy when all they had to do was eat a peach pit?  All for the sake of making money?  Perhaps this is an over simplification.  I wouldn’t want this to be misconstrued as hate speech.

I did a Google search on “Is cbd a Godsend?” and got 131,000 results.  The people that it helps sure think so.

I have not personally sponsored anyone outside the United States.  If you have, I would be very interested in hearing your story.



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