Regular Business vs Network Marketing

Sometimes I get an email from someone that took the free tour and they say that they do not understand how it works.  They are interested, or they would not have answered my ad.  But they know nothing about business or how it works.  They have been trained to be a worker and get paid by the hour, and have no idea how a person can earn $50,000 per month.

Drawing circles and showing five people that get 5 people will just confuse them.  They might even believe that they can’t sell.  This if course is total bull crap as everyone can sell.  In fact everyone does.  But having been sold on the idea that a person must be an employee all of their life was a bad sales job performed by the school.  The student was sold on a lie.

So the sales presentation must begin with where the prospect is.  Not in physical location, but in mental awareness.  They may have gone to college, but the education you give them here will be of a far greater value.

What all businesses have in common

No money is earned made until a sale is made.  In any business.  When a home is sold, the real estate agent earns 3% and the broker earns another 3%.  If the broker and the agent are the same person, he/she earns the whole 6% of the sale as a commission.  Typically, a broker will provide an office to work from and access to the Multiple Listing Service.  This allows agents to show and sell various properties even if the listing was at a different agency.  So if the broker wants to earn more money, he or she will hire more agents.  This allows commissions from multiple agents.  If an agent wants more money, he or she will sell more properties.

In the example above, the broker can capitalize on the efforts of multiple agents.  However it is not legal for an agent to hire other agents.  Once an agent learns the ropes, he will leave the broker and become a broker himself and thereby be in competition with the broker that taught him the business.  This happens everyday.  The reason that it happens is because the agent does not have the same opportunity as the broker.

In network marketing, everyone has the same exact opportunity.  So you can hire new agents or reps and so can the people that you train.  They do not leave you to compete with you, but rather earn you money forever.  They can bring as many people as they want into the business, and so can the people that they bring in.


When a new product is introduced, like baby food or diapers, there is a boom in sales.  The boom will continue until everyone that wants the product, has the product.  At that time, sales will level off.  The CBD craze that started in 2017 has not leveled off yet.  Sales are easier during expansion, but will continue even when sales level off.  New children are constantly being born and older people are becoming more aware of retirement as well as reasons to use health products.  This expands the market, even among existing population.

You do not need a business license for network marketing.  Your customers will buy direct from the manufacturer which will also ship them the product.  You may work from your kitchen table, couch, or small office.  You may even spend money on advertisements or promotional materials.  All of your business expense is tax deductible.  Even your transportation, meals, and a portion of your mortgage and utilities.  Starting a business is the main difference between the rich and the poor.  It allows you to leverage the time and efforts of other people.


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