Spring into Life

We live in Rich Abundance

Sometimes statements of the obvious are so obvious that we overlook them.  Taking the obvious for granted can be a big mistake.  As many problems as the United States has, it is still the land of opportunity.  But, in reality, every land can be the land of opportunity.

A few of the things that people tend to take for granted, are the things which are free to all.  They are provided by our Creator.  Sunshine, rain, soil, and even the air that we breathe.  Many a millionaire has been made by planting seeds in the soil, which were watered by the rain, and created a rich harvest.  Everything but the seed was provided for free.

Spring is the time to plant seeds.  The parable of the sower, speaks of a man that went about planting seeds, whether dollars, people, or ideas.  Enough of the seeds grew that the ones that did not, were not important.  The growth is a miracle provided by our Creator.  Of course, miracles are simply following the laws of nature that we do not understand.  God said that if you plant the seed, He will make the tree.  You do not need to spend a hundred years trying to figure out how to make a tree.  All you have to do is to plant the seed.

The Pipeline

Every business endeavor requires a pipeline to succeed.  The pipeline is the process of introducing an idea, product, or market, to a group of people, some or many of which will be interested in the end result.  A store may offer an advertisement to the public, knowing that some will be interested enough to come in and take advantage of it.

With Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, or Network Marketing, the pipeline is planting the seeds of opportunity to enough people, that some will be interested enough to check it out.  This is a never ending process.  However, it can be automated, streamlined, and very efficient.  These types of business require only a minimal amount of investment, yet have a very high potential rate of return.  I have a few different things that I do which earn me money every month.  Some more than others, but it all adds up.

It is best to concentrate on one specific enterprise in the beginning, but after one venture is profitable, you can start others.  Sometimes a variety of ventures can actually support each other.  For instance, if you became a precious metal dealer so that you could buy wholesale, you may also want to sell retail.  Or maybe you joined an affiliate program that pays people for their anonymous data and you also joined a lead generation program so that you have a steady supply of fresh leads to market to.

Mailing List

All successful businesses have a mailing list.  It is probably the best kept secret in Internet Marketing.  The object is to have a steady supply of fresh prospects, but they don’t tell you how to get them.  It is easy with an automated email list.  People subscribe because they want what you are offering.  Mailing lists can be used for many different purposes at the same time.  In fact, many millionaires have been created with just a mailing list.  If you have a mailing list of 100,000 and you send out an offer that only 1% are interested in, you will make 1,000 sales that day.  If you only net $10 on each sale, you earned ten grand for the day.

It is easy to create a huge mailing list.  For instance at MLGS, you can get 100 new fresh leads a day for just $30 per month.  You get 200 per day if you refer at least one person to the program.  That is 6,000 leads a month for just $30.  You can use their automated mailer or download the leads to your own computer to do something else with.


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