One of the tricks people learned how to develop and use with other multi-level marketing companies is the sales funnel.  My Daily Choice includes this for free when you become an affiliate.  If you know anything about network marketing, you know that you earn a little commission on everyone that you and your downline enroll into the business.  So the more people that you have, the more money that you make.  Pretty simple really.  How would you like to earn a penny on every loaf of bread sold in your state?  Wow!  There’s a money tree!  So what you want to do in order to be successful in mlm is to get as many people as possible to join your efforts. My focus with My Daily Choice is on the Hempworx product line.  I view the hemp plant as one of God’s gifts to mankind.  So I printed up some business cards and did not even put my name on them.  Not a phone number or email address, either.  I want people to go to my sales funnel.  When they do, they enter their contact info in order to enter the landing page.  The company follows up on these leads with an email auto-responder for a time and in many cases closes the prospect for me.  Of course, I am free to follow up on these people also with a more personal message. This is called a sales funnel.  I do not have to speak with anyone if I don’t want to.  I simply funnel as many people as I can into my sales funnel and the people that are interested, upgrade to affiliate.  Everything I do is duplicatable.   A 6 year old could do it.  That right there overcomes the number one obstacle to success in network marketing.  It simply means that anyone that wants to succeed, can succeed.

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  1. I would love to earn extra income with ur business. What’s the start up fee and monthly payments. Can u send me information please

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