Many a millionaire was made with just an email list

Those of you that know what I do, realize that I am building a customer base in My Daily Choice.  I run ads and people answer my ads and enter a sales funnel provided by the company.  This works and I have sponsored several hundred affiliates using this system.

About a year ago, I began emailing people, based on their time with the business.  So beginners got an email explaining the many ways to attract customers and the power of duplication.  More seasoned affiliates got an email explaining strategies for placing their people in the proper position in order to capitalize on the compensation plan and meet all of the requirements without sponsoring an excess of people in the Pay Leg.  These are just a couple of examples.  I created quite an elaborate system for providing the correct motivation to those that needed it and essential tools to those that needed those.

I had a spreadsheet with every affiliate and the date they joined and how far each one was in receiving the sequence of emails I had prepared for them.  Each affiliate received an email every 10 days or so based on where they were in building their business.  This was a beautiful system.  So very beautiful, in fact, that I tripled my sales.  Each affiliate had the information and tools emailed to them right at the time when they needed it to take the next step in building their business.

Keeping in contact with your affiliates is imperative

As a result of working with the people that I already had, as opposed to sponsoring hundreds of new affiliates, my sales exploded.  I saved a couple thousand dollars each month in advertising costs, and instead, I helped the people that I already had to build their business.  They sponsored new people, and shared the newsletters that I gave them with their own downline to help them grow.  The email strategy worked.  Helping the people that I already had to succeed was a wonderful thing.

Then, a very bad thing happened.  I had been using my gmail account to mail my affiliates.  Many of the emails had multiple recipients. Gmail began placing my emails in people’s spam folders.  My delivery rate fell dramatically.  Lesson learned?  Do NOT use a free commercial email platform to send your bulk mail.

Once my emails were no longer getting delivered, my affiliates lost their contact with me.  They lost their excitement and motivation.  My sales fell to a level I had achieved two years earlier.  I was near death.  I had found the magic method, but it had been taken from me.

Email lists can be tricky

So, I began to look for mass mailing companies.  I joined one and got everything ready to go and was about ready to send my first email, when the company banned me from their system.  Seems I had violated the policy that states that the mailing could not be used for network marketing.  Bummer.  Wasted time.  Losing money.  What to do?  I found another bulk mailer that was very famous and I began to setup the many time consuming things like email server, creating new emails with graphics, etc.

I even made a Youtube video about how to setup an email server with SPF, DKIM, and other parameters and settings so that the mail will get delivered instead of going to the spam folder.   Unless you go through a service like GetResponse, you will have to train your email server.

There are many factors to consider when trying to ensure that email gets delivered.  If you sent a hundred emails that nobody reads, it is like pissing into the wind.  Firstly, you get no results.  Secondly, you waste a lot of time.  Thirdly, you still have to learn how to do it correctly.

So I have the greatest products on the face of the earth and I have to figure out how to sponsor new people, keep the people I already have motivated and productive, and do it on a budget.

I found the solution

Now, I am as happy as a clam.  The thing is that you do not have to suffer all of the headaches and problem solving techniques that I did.  Because I am going to give you the answer for free and instantly.  Here is the answer.  You can start for free.  Click HERE to start your FREE Trial.  It is GetResponse.  They have the most fabulous system you can imagine.  Almost everything is done for you.  Plans with a list of only 500 affiliates start at about $15.  Whoop de do.

When you see people earning $50,000 a month, it is not just because they sponsor a lot of people.  In fact, many of the top millionaires quit sponsoring new people a long time ago.  At least in great numbers like they did in the beginning.  The SECRET, my friend, is in helping the people that you already have.  That is why top millionaire earners offer free videos and help guides.  Here is a simple truth:  You either help your people to succeed, or you are a loser.

Oh, wanna know something really cool?  GetResponse even has an affiliate program.  You actually get paid to help your people.  What a concept!  A guy that was pretending to be a leader once told me that the answer was to sponsor a lot of people and keep doing it forever and hope that you found someone that knew what to do.  That guy is so very wrong that I can not even imagine how many people are not earning money because of his advice.

Help your people!

It is a law of the universe.  I have found that the more I give, the more I have to give.  It is because I am willing to help other people.  I know that when I help other people, my life is better as a result.  Do NOT believe anyone that tells you to be stingy with your help.  And if you want to join a business that is still in the initial explosion stages, please take this FREE Tour and see if the business is for you.  And by the way, I will help you to succeed.

God Bless!

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