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Most Important

People have asked me, what is the most important thing that a person absolutely MUST do to succeed in Network Marketing?  And as terrible as it sounds, I did not know until recently.  Nobody talks about it.  It is the number one secret in MLM.  All of the successful people do it.  Without fail.  Not a single successful person neglects this.  And you could watch a thousand videos and nobody or almost nobody will mention it.

See, a couple years ago, when I realized that I was doing something wrong, or neglecting to do something important, I began to watch and listen to successful people every single day.  I wanted to find out what it was.  The Holy Grail.

I pretty much wasted my first 12 months as even though I was sponsoring people, they were leaving as fast as they were joining.  Craigslist was a good thing to find.  It provided thousands of leads.  I came within a hundred dollars or so of making 5K Rank twice, but I was still missing something.

Several people had mentioned MLSP, but it was like $199 a month and I was unsure, so I asked my sponsor.  My sponsor is an extreme introvert and won’t consider phone calls, personal sales presentations, or anything other than online.  Needless to say, he is not a millionaire.  I asked my sponsor about MLSP and he told me it was just a blog and of no value.  Another year went by and I had realized the importance of staying in contact with both pre-enrollees and affiliates.  Communication is critical.

I listened to several hours of Dale Calvert and he kept pounding in that it was about building leaders and it takes systems.  Systems are duplicate-able and people are not.

Duplicate-able Systems

I had by this time implemented an automated system of emailing pre-enrollees to let them know I cared about them and to encourage them to become an affiliate.  I created a different set of emails for the people that are already affiliates, to keep them abreast of any new plans I had discovered and any contests or blitzes.

About this time, I was watching a video from Aron Parker from 6 years previous that had been an internal training for his personal group only and not available to the public till now.   Aron is a 500K affiliate with My Daily Choice.  His secret was MLSP.  My List System Pro is a complete suite of customer relations software, integrated into a platform that creates leads, provides an automated sales funnel, and keeps in constant contact with all of your pre-enrollees and affiliates.  Wow!

Why had my sponsor lied to me and told me it was a blog.  One of the things it integrates is a blog, because blogs are important, but it is far more than that.  Why had my sponsor knowingly, attempted to sabotage my business?  Did he not know that my success is his success?  Then I remembered another thing Dale Calvert had stressed.  Do NOT attempt to be the Elvis of your group or team.

Teach your team members everything you can, but make sure they are aware of the big boys and girls that earn millions.  They need to have a mentor that knows what to do and how to do it.  Not like my sponsor that wants people to think he is the Elvis to follow.  My sponsor is clueless.

Systems Duplicate

Systems duplicate.  People do not.  Some of the necessary systems are provided by the company for free.  The company provides dozens of high quality personalized landing pages.  These landing pages enter the visitors into an automated sales funnel that explains about the company and products.  Not everything, but enough for a person to know if they are interested or not.  Those that do not become affiliates right away are followed up by an email drip system for up to six months.  This system is excellent and works.  If you keep sending people to the automated system, you will get affiliates.

But the company does not do everything for you.  Everyone is on a different clock and each have individual needs.  This is where you must pick up the ball and communicate with your people.  If you are on my team, you are aware of the elaborate email system I have set up.  Unless you are one of the ones that allows them to go to the spam folder.

These duplicate-able systems are the number one most important thing to making your business succeed.  It is how you build leaders.  The money is in the list.   Building leaders is what will pay you a lot of money.  Jenna Zwagil says that Network Marketing is a personal development program with a compensation plan attached.  She is correct.  Attitude and motivation, both of which are between your own two ears, are the key to success.

If a poor person wins the lottery, he or she will be broke again in a year.  If you take a rich person’s money somehow, he or she will get it back.  Poor people have poor people’s ways.  Rich people have rich people’s ways.

Building Leaders

The vast majority of people that join network marketing are not leaders when they join.  They want to be leaders, and will be, if their sponsor can show them a way that they can succeed.  A duplicate-able system that anyone can do.   Robert Hollis has perfected this.  He has helped more than 50 people to become millionaires in network marketing.  Network marketing has made more people financially independent than any other business model.  But many people also fail.  When they fail, it is not because of the product.  It is not because of the company.  It is because their sponsor did not know or did not show them how to succeed.  People that have not done it, teaching people how to do it.  This and people lying about the opportunity or the products has given MLM a bad reputation.

Fact:  You will NOT be rich by Friday, unless you already are.  Another fact:  The products are very good, but not miracles in a bottle.  It is never a good idea to be less than honest.  It is the network marketing concept that makes people millionaires.  Just like people can become wealthy much easier in a political field that gives them the freedom to do so.

Failure to Lead

Some people in my downline had built an organization of 2K or so and when they called my sponsor, looking for help and guidance, realized that he was not a leader they could follow, got disgusted and quit the business.  I do not want that to happen to you.  I am not Elvis.  But I can introduce you to several people far smarter than me that you can take advice from.  I am still learning.  I have learned a lot.  But not a million dollars worth yet.

I can show you what I am doing and how I do it.  I can tell you lots of things not to do and a few things that really do work.  There is no question in my mind that you must develop a relationship with your people.  You can NOT simply sponsor a lot of people and hope that some of them will figure it out.  You have to use systems that are duplicate-able.

Becoming Financially Free

You MUST use the company provided sales funnels or create your own, if you feel up to the task.  The free tools provided by the company have helped many people to build a successful business.  The systems are what allow your downline to succeed, also.

Did you know that 70% of the population can not even handle a measly $1,000 problem?  These people will live paycheck to paycheck and die broke.  Someone else will pay for their funeral.

None of us were placed on this earth to fail.  We have an incredible opportunity on our hands right now.  Because of covid, more people are looking for a second income stream or a way to work from home than ever before.  Even in the worst of financial crisis, there are always winners as well as losers.


I haven’t tried MSLP and actually do not believe that it is as good as it once was.  Primarily because many other systems are now available.  For instance, I use GetResponse.  It provides mass emailing services, of course.  But, it also allows you to create your own landing pages and sales funnels, as well as automated auto-responder follow up.  The cost starts at a mere $15 a month and grows depending on a variety of criteria like how many people are on your lists, how many lists you have, how often you mail to them, etc.  It also has affiliate tracking and live chats.  I highly recommend GetResponse.  They offer a free trial for 30 days.

Consider this: You can become a multi-millionaire with just a list.  With a large enough list, even a 1% response can create a fortune.

In your My Daily Choice back office, you have a contact manager.  It does not take very long for you to have thousands of names and email addresses in your contact manager.  You can export the information into a spreadsheet.  As this list grows, you add the names to your GetResponse list.  All successful Internet marketers have a list.  The sooner you get yours started, the sooner you will see the results.  When you take the 30 day free trial at GetResponse, you can immediately create beautiful emails from templates.

You know how many people open an email or click on a link inside.  And you know who did it.  The names on your list are rated according to their involvement.  You can have many lists and you can segment a list.  You may just want to target the people with heavy engagement.  Or those that have proven to have no interest.  You can send a different offer to those people.  The money is in the list.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

I sincerely wish you the very best.  If you are not already on my team and would like to be, please take my FREE Tour at http://BestHome.Business and see if this business is for you.

If you are on my team, you may contact me at any time.  I would like very much for you to succeed.  I have ads, images, spreadsheets, and other promotional items that I will gladly share with you.  Simply ask.

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