It’s Biblical

In Genesis 1:28 we read “Be Fruitful and multiply”.  It is actually a commandment from God. Why do you suppose that God found this to be of such importance? Perhaps because it is the solution to innumerable problems.

Aside from the obvious solution of populating the earth, multiplication creates millionaires and billionaires. For instance, how many doubles are there between a mere thousand dollars and a much more desirable million dollars? The answer is ten. In other words, if a homeless man sold his car and set aside $1,000 of it to become a millionaire with, he would have only ten steps to reach his goal. If he accomplished each step in one day, he would become a millionaire in ten days. If he spent an entire year on each step, he would become a millionaire in just ten years. So realistically, is this even possible, and if so, how would it be done?

Let’s break it down so that even a public school teacher can understand it. You start with $1,000 and double it and it becomes $2,000. Then $4,000, then $8,000, then $16,000, then $32,000 then $64,000, then $128,000, and then $256,000 and then $512,000, and the tenth step is a cool $1,024,000 in dollars, people, or ideas. Well, that looks pretty good on paper, so let’s take a closer look.

Multiplication in Action

Joe has a thousand cash under his mattress. He constantly checks the classifieds like for a car being sold by someone desperate for cash that he knows he can pretty easily sell for $2,000. Joe has the cash, but he is not eager to spend it. He may spend more than a month looking at the ads and calling people before he makes a decision. When he does make his decision, he buys the car or truck for $1,000, repairs it if necessary and sets about selling it to get his $2,000.

Now that he has $2,000 that he needs to turn into $4,000, he begins to repeat the previous step. He knows that he is not limited to automobiles and that he is looking for anything that he can purchase for $2,000 that he can sell for $4,000 in a reasonable amount of time.

Not to get sidetracked but back in 1990 I was attending college and became friends with a guy who was quite the ladies man. His wife came home early one day and caught him in her bed with another woman. She refused to sleep in that house again and she was going to sue him for divorce and for a while he maintained two homes and finally, one day he asked me if I wanted a home with $20,000 in equity for just taking over the payments as he had to get out from under it and did not have time to list it with a realtor. I said yes, of course. So sometimes we have opportunities come out of nowhere that if we are vigilant, we can take advantage of.

Don’t get Side Tracked

When turning $4,000 into $8,000 and the larger steps, we will most likely have to look at real estate instead of automobiles. It doesn’t matter what you invest in to complete your step, what is important is that you do not spend the money for anything else.

There are people that find themselves in desperate situations everyday. You find them at pawn shops trying to raise some cash. When people get divorced they are not so much worried about holding out for the best price. They are generally in a hurry to get things over with and money talks.

Many people do not have to waste their time with ten steps because they do not have to start on step one. They may already have cash equity in a home, boat, or motorhome that they can use and start on step five or six. In that case, there may only be three or four steps left to the million dollars in cash. Real estate is an excellent vehicle. Be sure not to get a license as if you get a license, the law limits your profit to 3% for the realtor and 3% for the broker for a measly total of a mere 6%. Remember that in all cases, licenses are nothing more than the government confiscating a God given right and leasing it back to you as a privilege.

One of the reasons that mlm is so effective is the multiplication factor.  When you introduce a new affiliate into your business, you have multiplied your efforts.  If you get two people that get two people, you are taking advantage of multiplication and doing as God commanded.

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