In Genesis 1:11, God creates the herbs, even before mankind.  In verse 12 God saw that what He had created was good.

Mankind has been using herbs for centuries.  Far longer than man has been using x-rays, chemical poisons, and man-made potions.

It’s rather simple really.  CBD oil kills cancer cells.  The purpose of mankind is not to have cancer.  The purpose of mankind is to have joy.  God created the herbs to solve health problems that He knew would come about and He did it for our good.  If you don’t believe in God, then the world may be a better place if you weren’t in it.  Your belief certainly has no effect on reality whatsoever.  Some of us know there is a God for a fact, and do not question it even for a second.

There are groups working in secrecy, in combination with the dark forces, in order to keep you in the dark, on a great many matters even far more significant than this one.  But suffice it to say that not only does man not have the authority to make God’s creations illegal, but in fact doing so is a massive evil effort that has no basis whatsoever in righteousness, but is in and of itself pure evil.

Hemp does not contain a significant amount of THC which is found in marijuana.  Many liars in the media, government, and churches, are so incredibly naive about this fact that even the police are as dumb as rocks about this in most cases.   The founders of this country grew hemp to make ropes, clothing, and many useful items in order to make this country great.  It is NOT possible to get high from CBD oil that comes from the hemp plant.  In fact, you can know for a fact, with 100% certainty, that anyone wanting to deprive you of the benefits of cbd oil are actual Disciples of Satan.   Some may find this statement to be a bit harsh but I assure you it is true and it is provable but is not within the scope of this article.

For every problem there is a way provided to overcome it.  People die everyday out of stupidity.  Some simply did not know any better, but for those that have been told, there is absolutely no reason to suffer from the maladies that cbd oil helps and sometimes cures.  There are literally hundreds or thousands of articles on the web with testimonials as to the effectiveness of cbd oil and even call the hemp plant the Sacred Plant.  It is NOT a secret.

And yes, you can even earn a lot of money by helping people get over their cancer, autism, anxiety, MS, diabetes, and many other ailments.  By joining my team, you can save money on travel, buy several health products at wholesale, and be assured of getting the highest quality product available.

There is a certain satisfaction that goes with saving someone’s life or making their life more comfortable.  And people just naturally want to tell other people what happened.

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