Have you considered a second income stream?

Unless you plan on winning the lottery or inheriting a great deal of wealth, you likely will only achieve this financial independence if you make it happen.  Pie in the sky dreams, or plans that require a vast amount of skill or expertise in a particular area, are not included this article.  I am talking about something simple enough that a sixth grader can do it and the opportunity has to be real and proven.

The money has always been in sales.  The highest paid people on earth are salesmen.  Just as a store buys low and sells high, creating many jobs and perhaps millions of dollars in the process for non sales people, so it is with individuals that implement marketing as their personal strategy.

There are as many things to sell as their are people or items.  Some items are in high demand while others are in a much more specialized niche.  A manufacturing plant may invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in tools and equipment in order to create a product.  None of this money will be recovered until the final product is complete and a sale consummated.  A retail store may invest millions in a building, tens of millions in inventory, and hire hundreds of employees at a thousand dollars per week each and not receive a single penny back until that first sale is made.

Low investment, high rewards

Even a homeless person with not a penny in his pocket, can earn a commission on a referral.  There are many variations of this method of sales commission, but basically, if you create some money for me, I am willing to kick a little of it back to you in appreciation and compensation.

Products that are consumable such as milk and bread, create repeat customers, which means you do not constantly have to find new customers.  Other products which are not consumed, are still ordered repeatedly, under some conditions.  Like collectibles, investments, precious metals, or things that wear out with use.

Regardless of the product you wish to sell, you should be comfortable with the product, and believe that the customer is better off for having made the purchase.  Otherwise, you are living a lie and will not be nearly as effective as you could be.

Some products bring intense satisfaction to both seller and buyer, that both are equally happy when the sale is made.  Things that save lives, increase health, improve life’s conditions, create happiness, or bring joy, can be especially gratifying.

My focus today is on two products for which you can sell without having to purchase first.  You receive perpetual commissions, and have the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped another individual to improve their life in some way.  Both provide personalized web sites, landing pages, and sales funnels which close the sales for you.  All you have to do is send people that may be interested to the web page.

True money

The first is precious metals.  Whether in bullion or coin, precious metals increase in value over time, especially in uncertain times.  Certain coins may increase 500% in value.  Perhaps in a single year.  Bullion will not do that.  Excellent as a hedge against inflation, but can also increase in double and triple digits very quickly.  Whether your strategy is to save for the long term or to purchase specific short term returns, you can always cash out easily on a moments notice.

Paper money is often referred to as fiat money.  In today’s countries, none of the currency is back up by anything.  The United States has the strongest economy.  The reason US Dollars are in demand is because it is the world currency for oil.  If that changes, the dollar will be worthless and no one will be stupid enough to want it.  It doesn’t even make good toilet paper.

Gold and silver are easy to liquidate.  Virtually all of the gold and silver suppliers online will buy back any gold or silver at the spot price.  Even if it is worth far more than you paid for it.

You can have a passive investment strategy.  Purchase a single coin from around the world in a MS70 grade.  This is the highest possible grade.  Every month you can buy something different.  Throw it in the safe and forget about it.

It’s like coffee money.  You don’t even miss it.  Then one day you have a lot of value.  A really lot.  See related article.

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Hemp, the Miracle Plant

The second sales opportunity provides a wide variety of personal care items.  Including high quality CBD Oil which has created a craze all on it’s own.  Quality of life and length of life are both of major concern to most people.  Helping one’s body to stay in homeostasis can make a big difference in how we feel and act.

The compensation plan is geared to help the beginner to earn hundreds of dollars in the first few days.  This enables you to help fund the building of the business.  It does not cost any money to become an affiliate of this company.  It is possible to earn money without buying any products, kits, or membership first.

This company is only 6 years old, but has already created several millionaires.  Many more are now financially independent.  The knowledge that cbd is not marijuana, and it’s legalization due to the millions of testimonials from around the world, have created a wave of excitement among the masses that has them trying cbd to see what it can do for them.  My Daily Choice has third party labs test every batch and the results are publicized on the corporate web site.  In addition to that, every single bottle contains a lot number for verification.  Many people that previously thought cbd did not work are amazed at the result after taking cbd that is actually of high quality.

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