One thing that separates My Daily Choice/Hempworx from other network marketing companies is that they provide a free automated sales funnel.  More than one, actually.  So the days of talking to people in person, hotel meetings, three way calls, traveling to another town to meet a prospect, and taking strangers to lunch are gone.  In today’s world, you can simply direct people to your automated sales funnel and let the system close them for you.  I do not call or email my leads.  The system works!

Well then, just how do you get 20 to 50 people a day to take a free tour of your landing page and get into the sales funnel?

Most people start with their warm market.  Family, friends, and neighbors.  This is alright for a start but after a while you will run out of people to talk to.  Or become a member of the NFL (No Friends Left). It takes a little money to start a business.  That is what this is.  A Business that will earn you a passive income, that is inheritable, and can continue for generations.  Generational wealth.  Why don’t they teach this in school, you ask?  Because the teachers do not know how.  If they did, they would be doing it. It can take three to five years or even longer to build an income of $10,000 to $50,000 or more per month.  But it is doable.  Many people already have.  You simply have to feed your sales funnel everyday.  Then it is just numbers.  Some are interested.  Some are not.

CBD Oil is a hot product right now. It is changing lives!  Everyone should be using it.  So introduce it to as many people as you can and build a solid customer base that orders every month.

Here are ten ways, not in any particular order, that you can get leads right away.  Usually within just a couple hours:
  1.  This company specializes in network marketing.  You do not even have to write an ad.  Just choose from a drop down menu the name of your company, such as Hempworx, or write in another company if not on the list.  Their plans start at $47.00 and you will usually get results within an hour.  Make sure to use a tracking code so you know where the leads came from.
  2. MyLeadGenSecret  This company sells you 100 fresh, exclusive contacts, everyday, for just $30 per month.  If you refer just one person, they increase your leads to 200 per day for the same price.  That is 6000 leads per month!  They include a free mass mailer that you can use once per day to email any or all of your entire lead list.  Yes, after a while you will have thousands of leads and you can email them all at once.
  3. Fakebook.  Don’t spam your link to all of your contacts.Use Groups or private message people.  You can post that you have an incredible business opportunity and don’t tell them what it is.  Tell them to PM you if they are interested.
  4. Solo Ads  These are independent vendors that have massive email lists that are categorized.  Choose your niche, like MMO (Make Money Online) for example.  Some vendors are better than others and not all email lists are created equal.  Check their feedback and ratings.  Start small and if you are happy, do it again.  If not, choose a different vendor.  Choose filters and premium leads.  Some shady vendors will deliver robot traffic that click but are not human and never produce anything but headaches.
  5. Taboola  This company places your title and image on Fortune 1000 company websites.  Visibility is very high.
  6. Bing  This search engine does not have the market share of Google, but is less expensive.  You can choose your CPC (Cost Per Click) as well as target audience.
  7. Craigslist  Ads run for 30 days and cost from $10 to $45 depending on the city if you post under jobs->sales->Biz Dev.  If you post anywhere else, they may pull your ad for being in the wrong category.
  8. Free Online Classifieds.  You can also use these in other countries.  Post only in appropriate categories and discover if they prohibit MLM ads.  They may delete your ad if they feel it does not conform to their policies.
  9.  This free classified site is far larger and way more heavily used than Craigslist, in Utah.  Ads are free and they cover several states.  They have a lot of traffic.
  10. Other Social Media.  LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc., all have a way to broadcast your message.  There are many Youtube videos that teach specific techniques for each particular platform.  Social media is generally free although some do have ads you can pay for.
Many people use social media such as Facebook Groups.  There are many social media platforms and there are blogs and videos online explaining how to use each one effectively. Your own blog and videos are an excellent way to get free leads.  However, this can take a year or two for your content to be considered authoritative by Google.  Of course, the sooner you start, the faster you will be recognized.  Organic traffic is wonderful.  It’s free and when people search on something, the search engines send them to your page for the answer. One additional way to get free leads is to simply use Craigslist and look under Resumes.  These are people that are looking for work, extra money, work from home or whatever.  Generally, they will say what type of work they are looking for.  If they are looking for part time or work from home, you have a match.  Simply reply to their ad with a link to your landing page.  You can tell them enough to get them to take a look, but basically, you want the sales funnel to sell them.  Your job is to get them to your sales funnel. Events, such as swap meets, county fairs, or anywhere you can set up a table or booth.  Ask your local Chamber of Commerce.  The company has sales tools, table cloths, banners, shirts, business cards, and many other sales aids to assist you.  Rather than put your name on your business cards, just put the link to your landing page.  No need to have them call you.  Send them to your automated sales funnel. If you are not already a member of my team, please take a moment to take a FREE Tour and see if this business can be for you.  

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