What properties would the ultimate business have?

  1. Low Start-up cost
  2. Be able to earn money immediately
  3. Paid Weekly for sales commissions
  4. Paid Monthly for Bonuses
  5. Residual Income
  6. Growth Potential

Others may come to mind, but certainly the start up cost has to be affordable.  I want to earn money right away,  and I want it to be able to grow into something I can not only live comfortably on, but also leave to my grandchildren.Successful Home Business

The realistic possibility of a million dollar check all at once.  And it should be fun also.  I probably wouldn’t want to work with raw sewage even if it did pay a million dollars.  Life is to be enjoyed.

I actually found such a business.  

Costs $20 to be a dealer.  They call it an affiliate.  Doesn’t get much cheaper than that to start a new multi-million dollar business.

Under $200 per month keeps you qualified as Director or Executive status.

No inventory to stock.  Every customer orders directly from the company.

The only thing left to do is advertise.

The company provides a variety of sales funnels.  You get several personalized web sites as well as a few different landing pages.  When someone takes your Free Tour to see if the business is for them, they are placed on an automated email responder that sends personalized emails detailing the progress of the downline, reminds the pre-enrollee of the Thursday cut-off and in most cases, closes the prospect for you.

That means that you have only one job and everything else is provided and automated.

There are a thousand different ways to get people to take your free tour to see how the business works.  Some people still talk to each other in person.  Others use a phone to call or text.  Still others use social media to spread the word.  Most people have a blog that they share their thoughts on.  Then, of course, there are forums and discussion groups.  There are even leads for sale.  You can place an ad in the paper, radio, or television.

When you see the potential of My Daily Choice as your new home based business, you will probably tell everyone that you meet about the fantastic qualities of cbd oil.

If you aren’t already on my team, please take a moment to take the Free Tour to see if this business is for you.


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