Free Enterprise in it’s purest form

The Founders of the United States of America said in their own words at the time that God inspired the Constitution.  Being the first Constitutional Republic on the face of the earth brought vast wealth to it’s citizens and to the nation itself.  In just a few short years, the United States was able to defeat England which had been a super power for centuries. In 1959 the American Way inspired a new company called Amway which is not only still in business, but doing billions in sales today.  Amway created many millionaires and over the years many network marketing companies have made many, many, more millionaires. Network Marketing or Multi-level Marketing is the purest form of the American Free Enterprise system.  A person can start a business with incredibly low overhead, not have to deal with manufacturing, warehousing, shipping or receiving, and build a network of sales people that move vast quantities of merchandise.  Amway alone does billions in sales each year. The twenty-first century has brought us the Internet, cell phones, social media, and many other technologies that not only help us to build a business, but actually make obsolete the MLM business models of the last 100 years. Josh Zwagil, founder of Hempworx/My Daily Choice developed a compensation plan that pays out higher commissions than any company on earth that I am aware of.  But this is not all.  The CBD products are actually a Godsend.  While cbd oil has been used for centuries and is even mentioned in the Bible, many Luciferians had made even the very research of the hemp plant illegal.  Only recently has the U.S. government been proven 100% wrong in their assertions that cbd is harmful in any way.  While the United States is still the only country on earth to allow the possession of oil from God’s plant legally (unless all THC has been removed), this will change in the very near future.  This will allow hundreds of thousands of people to become millionaires around the world. My Daily Choice offers free of charge to all active affiliates, an automated sales funnel system that includes automatic email responders.  This means that in order to build an incredibly large sales organization is now virtually automated, can be done completely online, and it is not required to attend any meetings, make any phone calls, sell anyone a product, or any of the other things that made mlm difficult in the past.  Everyone buys their product directly from the company so there is no need to be a warehouse or have any more product on hand than one wants for personal consumption.

How the system works

The company provides several personalized web sites, landing pages, and sales funnels in the back office of every affiliate.  An affiliate invites someone to take a free tour of the business and provides an Internet link to do so.  Some people use social media.  Some people start with family and friends.  Some people buy leads.  Some people use paid advertising.  Some people create content in a blog or Youtube videos that are a free way to invite people to visit your landing page. When a person visits the landing page, they enter their contact information in order to see what the business is about.  An email system emails them every day for a month and then less often for up to 6 months.  People that are interested become affiliates.  People that are not interested can simply opt-out of the emails and never get another one. The email system is very good and closes the people that are interested without you having to call them.  The real beauty of the system is that it is totally duplicatable.  This means that anyone can do it.  The only possible way to fail is to quit. You can take a FREE Tour of this business, yourself, to see if it is what you have been looking for.  

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