I chose paid advertising to promote my network marketing business because I did not have a warm market and so all of my prospects would be strangers.  My friends and family had bad ideas about network marketing and I did not have time to educate them to the truth. I am not a social butterfly and choose to interact very minimally on social media.  I closed my Fakebook account last year and can see no plus side to reactivating it. Strangers are where the money is, anyway.  Chances are rather slim that your Uncle Bill is going to make you rich.  The people that are going to make you successful in network marketing are entrepreneurs that understand free enterprise and are looking for an opportunity with a product that they can get excited about and a company with a unique approach to marketing in the 21st century. I chose Hempworx as my vehicle, but paid advertising will work for any multi-level marketing company.  My company offers free sales funnels that work and has the highest commissions in the industry.  The founders implemented a Fast Start Bonus which is unique in that it allows beginners that are just starting out the opportunity to earn hundreds of dollars per week even before they have a large downline built. Many of the social media platforms are Luciferian by nature and have policies against CBD Oil which was created by God for our benefit, can be grown at home legally and can not be patented by Big Pharma.  Since all mammals have built-in cbd receptors and all mammal milk contains cbd, it is obvious that our bodies were designed to take cbd.  Promoting cbd on social media can be like inviting Satan to a Christian Church.   Social media may be more conducive to killing unborn children, child pornography, or destroying freedom by stealing from the productive to support the lazy. Thousands of years ago, hemp was a common herb but somewhere along the way governments made research illegal and so it was only recently that the cover-up was exposed and the truth finally released.  For hundreds of years epileptics were given phenobarbital and other fatal drugs that reduced the patient to zombie status when it was discovered that a few drops of cbd under the tongue could stop a seizure in seconds without side effects.  I am not a doctor and this blog is not a medical journal.  Do your own research.  When I became aware, I realized that people need to be told about this.  Covering up something this powerful is criminal. That is how I determined that paid advertising was the way to tell people about this amazing product. I tried Craigslist and was effective.  Although not nearly as effective as it was a year or two ago.  Craigslist can become crowded and is expensive.  And if you place your ad in the wrong category, they may remove your ad.  Sometimes they refund your money.  Sometimes they don’t. Solo Ads can be very successful.  Solo Ad providers have huge email lists that are updated with thousands of new names every month.  You purchase so many clicks to your site or landing page.  The solo ad vendor emails his list with your landing page until the number of clicks that you purchased are delivered.  For instance if you buy 150 clicks, you may get 400 people that visit your landing page, but only 150 of them actually enter their contact information to see what it is about.  If you buy 150 clicks, they will be people that actually filled out the contact info and took a look at it.  If you are lucky, you will get an upgrade to affiliate from that number, but most likely not.  This can be expensive also, as each click may cost you forty cents or more. Truthfully, I’m really only looking to get 10 or 12 people that take this business seriously.  That is enough to earn me millions of dollars.  So even if each Rock Star cost me a hundred bucks, it would be an incredibly good deal. There are a few caveats associated with solo ads.  One is that a vendor may be a liar and a thief and use a robot to visit your site.  Robots typically do not leave phone numbers and never buy anything.  And if you get your visits all within 10 minutes you know for a fact that you have been scammed because most people do not answer their email instantly.  Some might not even answer it every day.  In the real world, your traffic should arrive over a 24 to 48 hour period.  Then there are the people that use your money to buy cheaper traffic from a different vendor and do not even have an email list of their own.  So you need to look carefully at your prospective vendor and see how other people rate him/her.  Are people reporting sales from his service.  And choose someone with a very large number of customers because some vendors fake their stats by faking a purchase of their own service and leaving a high rating.  This is not so easily accomplished with tens of thousands of orders. I have tried a variety of solo ad companies as well as a variety of vendors within each company.  Use this link to purchase solo ads from a company that I have used successfully.  You will still need to be careful when choosing your particular vendor within the company and you may want to try a few different ones with small orders to start out. Naturally, you will also want to create a blog and a Youtube channel.  These will eventually bring you free, organic traffic.  But it can take a year or two or even more.  Everything you do adds up.  If you are going to be successful at network marketing, you are going to need to expose a lot of people to your opportunity. If you want to take a FREE Tour of MY business, click this link and enter your name to get started.  

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