What is a solo ad?

Solo ads are ads that are sent via email that contain only one ad.  This is why they are called solo ads.

So, if you are in business and want more customers, this is a great way to get them.  Especially if you are in Network Marketing.


How do they work?

Literally thousands of people around the world have massive email lists.  There are many ways in which people obtain these lists, but two things are important.  1. The email lists are double opt-in which means that the people actually want these emails to be sent to them, and 2. The lists are incredibly specific as far as what the target audience is.  So, say someone had 250,000 people take a survey and one of the questions was “Are you interested in Network Marketing?” So all of the people that answered yes to that question would be placed in the network marketing target audience.  Or work at home or earn money online, or whatever else may make them a good prospect.

These leads are cold market.  They do not know you so all they see is an ad which directs them to your landing page.  If you are in My Daily Choice, then you can track every single lead to see where it came from in your back office.  If not, there are third party trackers that you can use to verify that you are actually getting the traffic that you paid for.

You want to go with a reputable vendor that has a high success or conversion rate and one that has a lot of positive feedback from thousands of satisfied users.

You can find plenty of solo ad providers on Google.

You agree to purchase a set amount of clicks or visitors.  Most vendors actually send a few more than you request, just to be sure that you are happy.  They send your ad to how ever many clicks you ordered and do it soon or on a day that you decide.  They generally finish within 24 hours.

Generally, cold contact ads produce a conversion rate of between .5% and 3%.  So if you order 1000 unique clicks or visitors, you may get as many as 30 sign-ups.  Prices vary widely depending on vendor reputation, country targeted, etc.  Sometimes it takes people a week or three to make up their mind so all of your sign-ups will not be immediate.  The My Daily Choice/Hempworx sales funnels do a marvelous job of following up, which is one of the reasons MDC is so hot.

You can try different vendors or demographics to find what works best for you.  Generally, the target audience is current and active.  You do need to be wary of beginners or vendors that use robots instead of real people to visit your pages, or of people with bad email lists.

Some vendors check your IP address against your zipcode, so if you use a hotspot from AT&T your card will be declined before they even run it.

People actually make money on both ends of this program.  The vendor gets paid whether people buy or not so he/she likes that.  However, if people are not happy with the results, they will leave bad feedback and the vendor won’t get new customers.  They actually want you to be happy and keep on buying every week or month.

Here is a link to the best solo ads I have found so far: https://udimi.com/a/9bk7e

There are a lot of solo ad providers and Google will find them for you.  This could be an important part of your lead generation program, even if you use social media and/or classified ads also.


I may do a review of vendors if you are interested.  If you are not yet in my downline and want to be part of the huge cbd explosion, please take a FREE Tour of my business and see if it is right for you.

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