Considering that virtually all of the Founding Fathers of this nation grew hemp, and that God put cbd receptors in the bodies of all mammals, and that man/woman was designed to ingest cannabis, and that God made the plant grow like a weed in order to accept almost any climate and grow freely for all of mankind, I suppose it is typical Utah to charge a hundred grand for the privilege to grow the plant.

See new story from Fox 13:

Utah farmers are applying to grow medical cannabis

We all know that in all cases, 100% of the time, without an exception, the very definition of license is the government’s confiscation of a right that is then leased back as a privilege.

As anyone familiar with Mormon history and prophecy knows very well, the State of Utah is to be known for it’s corruption all around the world.  Just as the FBI and United States Department of Justice is known worldwide as Satanic organizations, so is the State of Utah.  It is believed by all members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that the government will continue it’s Satanic path to total Luciferian control until Lucifer’s hatred for God will be the driving force behind all government actions and Jesus Christ Himself will come back to destroy evil and bind Satan for a thousand years, during which time Zion will be built.

This way, prices at the pharmacy can be very high and the state can tax the whole industry as a penalty for helping children become healthy.

For instance, the way God planned it was for the plant to be readily available to all of mankind free of charge and without any encumbrance of any kind.  The Satanists claim that it could be harmful if not used properly.  Much like another of God’s creations, namely the rattle snake.  Making something illegal or heavily regulated is a Luciferian tactic.  The correct answer is proper education.  Of course, this is the precise reason that the State of Utah chose the Satanic plan.  As you may recall, the people had an election in which the State of Utah totally disregarded the votes of the people and came up with the Satanic plan in an effort to defeat the process of voting.  You can Google Utah Proposition 2 for more details on this illegal activity by the State of Utah.

Why do you think the State of Utah did not endorse or follow the abortion ban like the State of Alabama?  Alabama doesn’t want to murder any children.  Utah seems to be saying it’s okay to kill them if they don’t pay the license fees and proper tribute to the government.

Just how many innocent children with epilepsy or other disorders will be harmed or killed by Utah’s plan?  Well, even one is far too many.

Cannabis has been growing freely for thousands of years.  Charging a hundred thousand dollars for an 18 month license to grow God’s plant is clearly way over the top.

Utah created a bureaucracy to tax and control the growing of God’s plant.  The initial application fee was lowered to $2,500 from $10,000, the latter of which Rigby said was a “rough” estimation that was “put together way in advance of having any actual, formal data.”  Licensing revenue is expected to bring in a cool million dollars in cash which the government intends to spend on something by the end of 2020, just 18 months away, according to:

It is not clear if any consideration has been given to patients or even the average citizen that was given hemp for free by God.

J.D. Lauritzen, an attorney who is helping businesses navigate the new cannabis and hemp industries, said he appreciates that the state only wants serious applicants. But he raised concerns that the high cost of entry will not only be a barrier for small “mom-and-pop” type operations, but could also affect medical marijuana patients.

Adding to the confusion, some states like Colorado allow it in food and drinks. In New York City, where officials have warned it’s not allowed in food and drinks, restaurants and stores have continued selling it.

So already, people are tired of the government’s Satanic rules and are using CBD as God intended in spite of rules, regulations, ordinances, and statutes that go against God and the Constitution.

A lawsuit by two medical marijuana advocacy groups still pending in federal court says it was unconstitutional to replace a law passed by voters and raises questions about whether the changes are at odds with federal laws that still say marijuana is illegal.

It is often claimed that Utah was the first American state to prohibit marijuana in 1915. Other scholars claim California was the first in 1913, while Massachusetts may have restricted cannabis as early as 1911. In any case, residents of Utah were not even able to purchase CBD oil until 2014; and even then, you needed a physician’s recommendation and intractable epilepsy.

It was something of a surprise when Proposition 2, the Utah Medical Cannabis Act, was passed in November 2018. HB3001 was passed in December and signed into law on the same day. While it is undeniably good news, the law only permits medical marijuana to be sold at approved locations and to approved individuals. At the time of writing, neither exists, so it is still technically an illegal substance.

As at January 1, 2019, Utah was required to open at least one medical marijuana facility, but that is the fulfillment of a different law and only terminally ill patients with less than six months to live are allowed access. As part of the Utah Medical Cannabis Act, the state doesn’t need to have MMJ cards ready until March 1, 2020.

The state also isn’t required to offer licenses to dispensaries and facilities until the beginning of 2020. The idea is to open 15 cultivation facilities by the start of 2022. There is a provision in Proposition 2 which allows for more facilities if there is enough demand. The Act also ensures that there will be no more than one dispensary per 150,000 people in each county.

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