If you are a member of my team with My Daily Choice, then you have already taken a giant step towards financial independence.  If you are not on my team then you better get with it. In order to be successful in this business or any other business, there are certain principles and techniques that have been proven over thousands of years, that you are going to want to utilize.  You can’t take advantage of these principles if you don’t know what they are.  This blog will help you to succeed if you use it.  You also need to check into your back office every day and review the activity in your own team. You need to enroll three active people in each of your legs as soon as possible.  And you need to maintain a minimum of 50 personal PV every month. You need a prospecting list.  How many people are you contacting every day?  Have you talked with the people where you buy gas?  Groceries?  Get your hair cut?  Why not?  How do you expect to find new people if you never talk with anyone about your business? I worked with SMI back in the 70s and the president of the company was Paul J Meyer.  He has made many speeches over the years and I have one below that he made in 2005.  He made the presentation to a group of prepaid legal sales people but his principles are universal and apply to all businesses.

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