What are the 10 things I should do immediately to get a fast start in Hempworx?

  1. Print some business cards. There are several choices of professionally designed attractive cards to choose from in your back office in the Tools Store. Cards are the cheapest advertising available. If you do not have cards, you have not taken your business seriously and will likely fail. Distribute cards everyday. Place one in the credit card reader on the gas pump. Place a few on the bulletin board at the post office. Place a few on the counter where you shop. If you do not advertise your business, it will not grow.
  2. Become familiar with your back office. Your MDC Hempworx dashboard is like your Internet business office. You can login and view your orders, stats on visitors, view your entire downline, use your contact manager, see your personalized websites and landing pages, and view your advertising stats and tracking results.
  3. Get your own story. Why do you use the product? I use the cream topically for joint pain. I use the sprays to maintain good health. My neighbor uses the oil for MS pain. Share your story everyday with someone.
  4. Purchase a domain name and forward it to one of your landing pages. I use http://cashhelp.me and forward it to http://www.HempWorxBizOp.com/survivaldealer Naturally, you will forward it to your page and not mine. The landing page requires them to put their name and email in the form to find out what it is about. Using a forwarded domain does not show them your name or allow them to delete your username and go direct to the company.
  5. Share your landing pages on Fakebook and other social media. You can share all of your landing pages over a period of time so that your friends and associates become aware of the products and the business opportunity. Some may want to be customers but have no interest in earning any extra money. Some may want the travel and the cbd oil.
  6. Start a blog. Blogs can be free (ask me) and allow you to share a story as well as share the landing page. Blogs can take a year to be loved by search engines, but then when someone asks Google how to kill cancer, you have a visitor to your page that you would have otherwise not met. There is no reason whatsoever to limit your customers to people that you know. The Internet can be your friend and allow you to send thousands of people to your landing pages. If you are not sending people to your landing pages everyday, you are not serious about the business.
  7. Share third party testimonials. There are literally hundreds of thousands of testimonials online about how cbd oil stopped their daughter’s epileptic seizures, or how it cured their anxiety issues, or a thousand other things. Some of these testimonials are absolutely miraculous and sharing them both verbally and in your blog can bring you customers.
  8. Share your new business venture with people you meet everyday. Tell the cashier when you buy gas, tell the grocery clerk, the postal worker, let everyone know that God created cbd to help them and it helps many ailments. They do not have to suffer through chemo therapy or take drugs that do more harm than good.
  9. Develop a plan to send thousands of people to your landing pages. There are people online that will send you 300 visitors a day to a thousand a day or more for around just $60 a month. You can try different companies and SEO experts (Search Engine Optimizers). Send traffic to your blog as well as your landing pages. You may even want a dedicated web site.
  10. Create videos and upload them to Youtube. Put a link to your landing page underneath the youtube video. This will allow visitors to visit your landing page after watching the video and sign up to become an affiliate.

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