The greatest sales funnel on earth

I run an ad or post a message somewhere and those that are interested, click on the link and take my free tour.  They land on a page that requires their contact information to enter.  Most people shy away from giving out their contact details and so around 90% stop right there.  These are the losers in life.  No opportunity on earth is worth giving up their email address.  They would rather be on welfare.  But for 10% of the people that land on that page, the interest in the content drives them.  These are the winners in life.

The page unlocks and opportunity abounds.  This is where millionaires are born.  The greatest products the world has ever seen.  Corporate management at it’s finest.  A compensation plan designed to earn money from day one.  A perpetual growth capability that is inheritable from generation to generation.

Some people join on the spot.  Others think about it for a time.

The drip system

The people that did not decide to join immediately, closed the page and went on to something else.  A couple days later, an email arrives that tells them that since they took the free tour and became a Pre-enrollee, others have taken the same tour and have been placed in their downline.  In the case of my particular landing page, twenty to fifty people a day take the free tour.  Those people go directly into someone’s downline.  Another email arrives a few days later explaining that so and so was in their downline but upgraded to Paid Affiliate and if they want to retain that person, they must upgrade also or lose that person forever.

When a person upgrades to paid affiliate, they rise above all of the other pre-enrollees on the following Thursday at midnight and all of those pre-enrollees are now in their downline instead of their upline.  Now they have over a thousand people in their downline.  They get another email that explains this to them.

From 1% to 3% of the pre-enrollees eventually upgrade to Paid Affiliate.  When YOU do, the later upgrades to paid affiliate remain in your downline.

You are not alone

People that I personally sponsor, that is anyone that comes in from one of my landing pages, will have over a thousand pre-enrollees in their downline when they become an affiliate.  That is because I put them there.  This is a success line.  You can view your complete downline at any time by going into your back office and clicking on the “My Team” tab.  Pre-enrollees are in black and white.  Affiliates are in yellow-orange.

This is quite an incentive to sponsor some people of your own.  In many cases, thousands of dollars in product are being purchased every month in a person’s downline and they are not qualified to receive the commissions.  We help you all that we can, but there is no free lunch.  Affiliates always receive the Jump Start Bonuses on the people they personally sponsor, but to receive the commissions on the binary points in your downline, you must be Binary Qualified.

Being binary qualified is how you receive commissions on the thousands of people that you did not personally sponsor.

A thousand people in your downline for free

It quite possibly never even cost you a single penny.  This is the easiest network marketing company on the face of the earth to earn money with.  It is a binary matrix and one of the legs is built for you.

Sometimes a person comes in as an affiliate for free and they forget about things and they have no idea how large their downline actually is.  It used to cost $20 to become an affiliate and you also had to buy product.  Now that it is free, we have people that have not only thousands of people in their downline, but also thousands of dollars in sales every month.  And some of these people do not even know it.  A person that recognizes an opportunity when he/she sees one may be willing to pay thousands of dollars for such a downline.

Success is a choice.  Some people in my downline will actually walk away from a downline that is producing several thousand dollars in sales every month.

Wealth is not free

Even if an ignorant person inherits wealth or wins a large lottery, they will be broke again in a year.  Poor people have poor people’s ways.  Network Marketing is personal development with a compensation plan attached.  You earn the money because you deserve it.  When you come upon money that you do not deserve, nature takes it away.

If a person has been an affiliate in my downline for 6 months and has done nothing, they are still sitting on a gold mine.  Even so, the gold will not jump into their shovel.  They must get off their ass and dig.

Imagine being able to join a network marketing company, and already have a thousand people in your downline?  Especially one of the fastest growing companies on earth.  The hottest products and compensation plan.  Some people would pay thousands of dollars to buy that organization.  People that join my downline, get it for free.

Do you want a second income stream?

If so, please take my free tour and see if this business is for you.

Please take my FREE Tour


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