There are copy cats and there are a couple cbd mlm’s that are really growing and have overcome the growth problems that face all new companies.

Prime My Body has a lot of people excited, but their starter pack is $358. They charge $39 just to enroll. And then, Prime My Body only pays 35% commission on customer first orders, so the big money is made by the company, not the independent distributors.

My Daily Choice which has the Hempworx line of CBD Oil, only charges $69 for a starter kit which includes everything you need to get started and enrollment is only #20.

There is also Kannaway and some essential oil companies that want to get on the bandwagon. CBD Oil is hot right now and so I decided to go with the company that not only had a ground floor opportunity, but also the highest quality oil. As the leading supplier of cbd oil to other companies, Hempworx is high on the list of companies that the government monitors. Hempworx has a page on their site dedicated to government quality certifications.

However, aside from product considerations, are the realities of the marketing plan. My Daily Choice pays 85% of every product purchase, back in commissions. No other company does that whether CBD or not.

The founder of My Daily Choice designed the marketing plan from the ground up in order to best compensate the new affiliate. Like weekly payouts and Fast Start Bonuses.

Take a free tour of how this all actually works.

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