Okay, so you joined my team, have an automated sales funnel, and all you have to do to become independently wealthy is to feed the system with leads.  That is absolutely fantastic.  But, how do I get the leads? The number of ways to get leads is infinite.  Surely, by the time you count them, there will be more.  But today, we are only interested in FREE leads.  Without question, the number one way to generate free leads in by creating content.  Whether it is a blog, Youtube videos, fakebook posts, Twitter, or other social media.  Of course, most social media also has paid ads, this blog is only about free leads. When you first create a blog, nobody knows it is there.  As you create additional content by making posts, the site becomes more informative with each new post.  After a while, you have so many posts on a given subject that Google considers you an authority.  In fact, Google assigns both a page authority (PA) and also a domain authority (DA) to every single page that it indexes.   There are tools under my “Resources” tab to check how your page or site is doing. You can increase your page authority by obtaining back links from other web sites.  When other sites link to your site, Google thinks your page must be important if other sites link to it.  The better the site that links, the more weight it carries.  For instance, if the Whitehouse was to link to your site, that would be considered very important. The same thing is true of your Youtube channel. You start a blog and you post things that answer questions.  Like, for instance, your downline or anyone for that matter, may wonder how to get more free leads.  So they go to Google and type in “How to get free leads” or “How do I get free leads” or “what is the very best way to get free leads” and ffwhen they do, Google will serve them up a list of authoritative pages.  Remember, Google wants to be the best search engine on earth.  They all do.  That is why they serve up the pages that they think are the very best answer to your question.  It is also why they don’t serve up a blog that just started yesterday and only has one post. It can take a year, maybe even two or three years for your blog or Youtube Channel to become authoritative.  It depends on the quality and the quantity of your posts. Just keep on creating content.  All of the millionaires in network marketing have massive content.  In the beginning, you may purchase ads or leads.  But after you get content, the leads will come from your content.  The leads from your content are free. The best way to be an authority is to answer questions.  When people have a question, they ask Google or another search engine.  If you have the answer to their question, you will be served among the search results.  How high up on the search engine results page you are served up depends on how high your page authority and domain authority are.  

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