When does your perfect life materialize?

If you haven’t already decided what that is, maybe now is the time to think about it.  How old will you be when you are actually living your dream life?  Can you imagine it?  The freedom, the peace of mind, the happiness, the comfort, the feelings of gratitude and of accomplishment.

We have all seen people living in circumstances that we want to avoid.  A homeless person that is less than 30 years old.  Someone with a life so full of stress that they consider suicide every day.  Both of these can be avoided without too much difficulty.

What of the person that lives paycheck to paycheck, only rents a home, drives an old clunker, and can’t afford a thousand dollar problem if one should arise?  There are a lot more people than you might imagine living like this.  They are stuck and don’t know what to do about it.

This is where a second income stream comes into play.  Something that can be done part time, that has the potential of earning more than what you do full time.  An escape hatch.

Cost of starting a business

You better have six figures laying around or gold balls credit if you want a franchise.  Generally, these will provide a lifetime income and even allow your children to inherit.  But what if that is not an option for you?

You might buy things wholesale and sell them on eBay or Amazon.  People in sales earn more than about any other profession.  Course, you have to buy the stuff to sell.  That takes some money.

How about a business with less than $500 startup and only a couple hundred a month after that and there is no limit to your earnings?  Just so happens that this business model has helped more people to become financially independent than any other.

Network Marketing

Regardless of what anyone has told you, creating a network of customers is actually a very good way to earn money.  Like a store, you earn a commission on every sale.  But you don’t have to purchase any inventory.  Your customers all buy direct from the company.  The only products you have to buy are those that you want for personal consumption.  These marketing plans are so effective that some people have actually conned people into doing it without selling products.  This is illegal.  It is called a pyramid scheme.  Naturally, you don’t want one of these.

Marketing products through word of mouth is a very good idea for a manufacturing company.  They pay a small commission when a product is sold to the person that instigated the sale.  This is preferred to paying millions for a Superbowl ad or weekly ads of any kind.  Money is only paid when a sale is made and the money is paid out of the proceeds of the sale.  Brilliant!

From an affiliates point of view, he or she can create many sales and receive commissions on all of them.  When the product is a consumable product, they must reorder every month and the affiliate earns another commission.  But this time, the affiliate did not have to expend time and energy to create the sale.

It can get exciting!

Sometimes network marketing s called multi-level marketing or MLM.  This is because when you obtain a customer that is so thrilled with the products that she tells her neighbor about it and gets herself a customer, you get paid on that, also.  In fact if you find a dozen customers that each found a dozen customers, that each found a dozen customers, you would get paid on each and every one of those sales.

Get your pencil out.  This can get exciting!

I don’t want to scare you, but the fact is that if you find just 5 people that in turn find themselves 5 customers also, that do the same thing, you will be a millionaire!  This, my friend, could be the answer you have been looking for.

Find a product you like

If you are not yourself, sold on the product, you will have a hard time convincing other people to try it.  But when you find a product that absolutely everyone should have, you have found a winner.  In the case of CBD Oil, the consumer many times will find life changing results.  This is really a hot product.

When you are excited about a product, you will find it easy to talk about.  You have a genuine concern for your customers in helping them to improve your life.  The products are all guaranteed with a full money back, if for any reason the person is not satisfied.  Nothing to lose.  Give it a try.  Some people find it easier to sleep.  Some find paid relief.  There are a thousand benefits.  Just Google “What are the benefits of cbd”.

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