You’ve simply got to get rid of that stinkin’ thinkin’.

You’re not an idiot.  You can hear and speak.  So why do you think you have to act like you are stupid and be poor?  Don’t you realize that God wants you to be happy?

Thousands of people with no formal training in the industry have become wealthy with network marketing.  It does take time, but the absolutely only way to fail is to quit.  As long as you are actively telling people about how CBD Oil stops the growth of cancer cells, you are advertising.  Sometimes you have to give someone a free sample to make sure they try it, but once they do, you have a repeat customer.

Don’t ever compare yourself to someone else and think that just because they can do it doesn’t mean you can do it.  Bull shit!

Comparison leads to… his/her harvest is overflowing and mine, nonexistent! He/she is more talented, has more friends, more this, more that,” etc., etc.

And the comparison continues to run its course, stealing your joy and motivation. And then this reasoning starts to take root…“What’s the use of going on? I’m useless, pathetic.” In the end, the comparison steals your destiny. Because you stopped in the middle of the road, you couldn’t see the abundant harvest that God had prepared for you, nor the fruit of the perfect plan He’d imagined for you.

Don’t let your vision perish because you think you’re less gifted or less called than Mr./Ms.  so-and-so. Rather, work on your gifts, sow in your field. Pray and spend time with God… He knows how to inspire you with the strategies to implement and will place the right people along your path! It’s happened to me a thousand times.

You have the ability to change people’s lives.  Once you realize this, you see that you actually have an obligation to do so.  There are people having waited their entire life for your message.  They need your message to be healed.

Imagine helping a thousand people get rid of their cancer.  How long will this take?  A thousand years if you only tell one a year.  How much does it pay?  More than you can spend in a lifetime and it passes down to your posterity forever and ever.  You can create a dynasty.

Did you know that if you double a penny just 27 times you have over a million dollars in cash?  $1,342,177.28 actually.  Every single time that you bring another person into your business that is going to do what you do, you have doubled yourself.  You have doubled your efforts.  Of course, that means that they have to spread the word also.  Now can you see what just bringing 27 new people into your business can do?  Not 27 quitters.  Not 27 losers.  Twenty seven people that want to build a perpetual income stream.  And it only takes a couple dedicated builders for you to get your product for free.

Everybody knows someone with cancer.  Do you think these people will appreciate you for helping them cure it and save their life?

Have you told your neighbor yet?  How about your mail carrier?  The UPS driver?

Check out the opportunity here.


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