You have probably already realized that every grocery store owner is a millionaire.  Nothing magic about that.  He has a large inventory, maybe over a million dollars, he has expenses, salaries, and sometimes food goes bad or expires and he has to throw it away and get no money for it.  So he starts out with a gross profit margin of 50% and when it is all added up, he is lucky if he makes 10% clear profit.  Of course, 10% of a million is $100,000.00 and he has a much larger margin on non perishables.  He pays everyone and keeps a hundred grand for himself and he may not ever even enter the store.  He has a manager for that. Imagine, if you had to keep no inventory, never ever order anything for anyone else, hire no employees, provide no insurance, hire no accountant, buy no large building, no warehouse, no large freezers or utility bills, but you could still make money on everyone that bought, and there was no limit to how much you could earn. Well, that is easy.  Anytime you start a business of any kind, you need customers.  You plan to earn a small amount on each one and they will be repeat customers and buy every month.  So really, all you have to do is find more customers in order to make more money. With Thrive Foods, you can earn money as a preferred customer or as a consultant.  People can even buy food for themselves and do nothing else.  All of the hard things are already provided for free.  The manufacturing plant, quality control, truck drivers, accountants, etc. are all provided for you.  You simply have a human need to eat or else you die.  So you choose to buy your food wholesale.  Food that will not spoil and has it’s nutritional value still intact.  Guaranteed shelf life of 25 years.  And tastes fabulous! You may tell a few friends or family about it, or you may tell a lot of people.  You begin to earn money right away.  You get paid every time one of your customers buys.  If you want to earn more money, you simply tell more people about it.  You get  your own website that you can send people to. They can buy or just get more information.  If they want, they can become a preferred customer or consultant. You earn 20-32% commission on the first delivery of your Preferred Customer and Consultant’s delivery service.* Get 30-64% commission on the first delivery of your Preferred Customer and Consultant’s delivery service when you qualify for the Builder Bonus (see Career Plan for more details). After the first delivery, get 5% commission on every recurring delivery. Get 10% commission on the first delivery of Basic Customers’ delivery service. Get 5% commission on the first $50 of your 1st level Consultant recurring deliveries starting on their second delivery. Get 5% commission on anything you spend on your personal recurring deliveries above $50 starting on your second delivery.  So with just a few friends and family you could be earning hundreds of extra dollars per week. Imagine what could happen if you take it serious and tell a lot of people?  

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