By and large the competition are Johnny come lately copycats with inferior product.

Management at My Daily Choice/Hempworx is truly a thing to behold.  When many companies were being intimidated by government thugs dead set against using God’s herbs and plants as mentioned in the Bible, MDC became certified!  Many less qualified managers would have folded.  Caved.  Acquiesced.  Gave up.  Threw in the towel.  But even the God hating dragons can be slayed.  Enter Josh Zwagil, Dragon Slayer.

Nobody has a higher quality product.  Nobody.  But even if they did…

Nobody has a better compensation plan.  Nobody.  The hybrid unilevel – binary marketing program gives the bulk of first month commissions to the enroller.  This allows a person that is just getting started the ability to earn hundreds of dollars each month while the team is being built.  They call it a “Fast Start Bonus” and it helps people earn money their very first month.  But even if someone comes up with a newer, more brilliant compensation plan…

Nobody else provides all of the state of the art tools necessary to build your business in today’s high tech world.  High definition, personalized web sites and landing pages create a massive set of sales funnels when coupled with the dynamic emails that are unique to each recipient.  These emails state the current status of an individual pre-enrollee’s downline.  In most cases, the automated email system closes the prospect without any intervention on your part.  Absolutely fantastic!

The company even has a new “on the road” semi truck and trailer bringing Hempworx to a town near you.  These are events you can bring people to.  Tickets and scheduling are available in your back office.  Enthusiasm runs high at these events.  It will be a memorable occasion for the people you bring.

From $9 million in 2017 to over a hundred million dollars in 2018 is phenomenal growth that would be a feather in the cap of any company.

Don’t settle for imitations.  Take a FREE TOUR right now to see if this business is for you.


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