Right now the company is doing what they call “Coming to a town near you” which are scheduled events where they bring their new semi truck and have presentations that include fabulous money makers in the business, where the level of enthusiasm is incredibly high.  In your back office, click on “Hempworx Roadshow” to see the upcoming scheduled events.

Josh and Jenna (the founders), regularly do Youtube videos explaining the compensation plan, the business background, the opportunity, live Q & A, etc.  They also have official social media sites on Facebook and MeWe.

As a Pre-Enrollee, you can see your downline grow daily.  For instance, I personally have over 20 people a day that take my free tour.  The company has several landing pages that are actually sales funnels.  When a person takes the free tour, they enter their contact information and an automated email system send them regular emails that are personalized to them.  They may shoe actual people in your downline and give you the opportunity to upgrade to affiliate.

In addition to the landing pages and sales funnels, My Daily Choice also has several high definition, personalized web sites that answer common questions like:  What is in it?  Are there any chemicals?  Is it full spectrum?  Can I buy wholesale at a very substantial savings?  These pages are incredibly informative and generally for people that are already your customer.

My Daily Choice has the highest commissions in the industry.  CBD is perhaps the greatest product of all time.  CBD has proven to be so profoundly helpful in so many areas that thousands of companies are copying MDC and adding cbd to their line.

My Daily Choice/Hempworx supplies a fantastic back office.  The automated sales funnels are so effective that virtually every aspect of running your business is done for you by the company.  The only thing you have to do is send people to your Landing Pages sales funnel.

This is a binary matrix.  This means that everyone has a right leg and a left leg.  Both of my legs are several thousand levels deep and growing daily.  This means that one of your legs is built for you.  It is built by your upline.  There are requirements to have a minimum amount of activity in both legs in order to qualify for all of the bonuses so regardless of which leg you come in on, it will continue to grow perpetually.

As in any Network Marketing program company, the idea is to bring in as many new customers as possible. Some people use social media which is free.  There are many videos and sites online that explain how to use social media to attract people.  Personally, I use paid advertising because I am not a social butterfly and I can count on the percentages.

You do have to be active in order to receive bonuses.  Your business will not grow by itself.  However, in less than a year you can be earning more than you are spending and in 3 to 5 years you can be earning 5 or 6 figures a month.

I have a blog at: https://FloydHumpherys.com/blog and a small but growing Youtube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzLMGRQiI5M5Q6eau-sm3Ww  which can likely answer more questions.

When people become an affiliate I give them the ads that I use that they can simply copy and paste if they want to do exactly what I am doing.

I don’t know of any easier way to earn 5 or 6 figures a month in such a short amount of time, legally.

CBD changes lives.

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