People email me and ask if this is a pyramid scheme.  I write back “No, pyramids are illegal”.  Now why they would believe that I would write a blog, make Youtube videos, and pay to advertise an illegal activity is beyond me.  Maybe they think that earning in a month what they earn in a year must be illegal.  Well, it isn’t.  It is fun though.

Someone asked me if cbd was even legal.  Well, aside from the fact that man does not have the authority to make God’s plant illegal, CBD Oil is actually legal, as it should be in all 50 states.  No, you can’t get high.  Sometimes people confuse hemp with marijuana.  While both are cannabis, only one contains the THC that government seems so concerned about.

People sometimes hope this is a get rich quick scheme because they want to get rich quick.  Well, wrong again.  Although I suppose it makes a difference as to how you define “quick.”  If you mean work your butt off for 3 to 5 years to make it happen, then it is quick.  If you want to get a check for a million dollars by Friday, you are out of luck.

My Daily Choice does have an automated cash funnel.  If I spend $300 on advertising, I may get $400 back in commissions as a direct result of the automated system.  I would imagine that if I did it every minute or hour that I would also get the $400 back every minute or every hour as well.  I haven’t actually tried that but it does work for me on a monthly basis.

The good thing is that the $400 return is not counting any commissions on the activities of any other person.  It does not include the binary commissions that get larger every month as the business grows.  It does not count the profit sharing bonus for recruiting x amount of people.  It does not include any commissions or bonuses aside from the activity in which the advertising resulted.  In other words, put $300 in and get $400 back works even if you business never did grow beyond the people that the $300 worth of advertising brought in.  So the exponential growth that comes from having a downline doing the same thing is not included in the above equation.  Did that sink in?

The really funny thing about this is that if I went down the street and told people that they could put 300 in and get 400 back, they would laugh in my face.  What a retard they would say as I put another 300 in and get another 400 back just like I did last month.  Only this month I get more back because my downline grew larger than last month.  WOW!  Did I just give away the secret of the parable of the sower?  Why, that’s been in the Bible for almost 2000 years and yet there are still people that don’t believe it.  Then I realized that the person was looking into the mirror when they used the word retard.

Well, truthfully, I can’t say that everyone that spends $300 on ads will get $400 back in commissions.  Some may get the $400 by advertising for free on Fakebook.  And some may actually get $800 in commissions.

Being independently wealthy is not for everyone.  Some prefer to finance their major purchases.  It gives them such pleasure to brag about their credit rating.

Well said the man to the car salesman as he opens a briefcase full of $100 bills, “Go ask your boss the CASH price.”  Make it good because I can always go down the street.

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