Taking CBD Oil multi-level was a brilliant idea.  Network Marketing works even if you have lotions and potions that provide the psychological benefit of pampering yourself, even if they actually do little if anything physiologically.  But when a product actually works, and miraculously at that, good things can really happen.  All of the big MLM companies are coming out with a copycat cbd oil. Of course they don’t actually produce it themselves as that would require hemp farms like MDC has.   But, like gold, there is the real thing, and then there is everything else. So why would DoTerra and others spend millions of dollars on manufacturing facilities, pharmaceutical labs, and other behind the scenes workings in order to copy MDC?  Well, for one thing, cbd oil is the real deal.  It works.  It has many medicinal properties that are being discovered everyday on top of the current known benefits like stopping the growth of cancer cells, or relieving MS muscle pain, or calming the anxious, or stopping epileptic seizures. Is all cbd oil the same?  Absolutely not!  Most of the products found in stores are made from Hemp seed.  Hemp seed does not have all of the properties of the entire hemp plant. Hempworx has the best product available.  And it is not the most expensive.  Anyway, you should be buying the product wholesale.  Learn more about the business opportunity.   Of course, you do not have to sell the product or join the MLM plan in order to buy the best product.  You can buy direct from the online store. Even if you are young and healthy, cbd oil can be used as a preventative.  And of course you likely have friends or family that have some medical condition that the doctors have not been able to get a handle on. Remember this:  There is no condition on the face of the earth that God did not provide a cure for.  Doctors may lose their license if they recommend something that is not a dangerous drug.  But if they tell you cbd oil does not work, they are a liar. So, do you care enough about the people in your life to help them, or are you satisfied to just let them suffer or die?  Maybe they are not worth $60 bucks to you.  But if they are, you have an obligation to try and help them.  And if you do help them, they will be forever grateful.  On the odd chance that you can not help them, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you did something. Here you have an opportunity to not only help other people, but to receive some financial compensation for doing so.  In fact, the financial compensation can be quite rewarding.  I get a check every month. Check out a similar post a couple years later  https://floydhumpherys.com/blog/whats-the-big-deal-about-cbd-oil-2/  

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