Beginning with My Daily Choice

You start with a proven winner!  MDC has already created many millionaires.  Many, many more, are now financially independent.  Thousands more are rising in the ranks as they build their own business.

Beginners are not alone by a long shot.  The company provides high quality, personalized web sites for each new affiliate as well as a back office fully stocked with tools for seeing the progress of your team.  You are given dozens of landing pages, sales funnels, and presentation sites.  This gives your prospects a look at the company, products, and compensation plan.  The sales funnels include email drip systems that follow up on a pre-enrollee for up to six months after taking the free tour.

The automated system is all that is needed in most cases to turn a visitor into an affiliate or preferred customer.  This system works and has created hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.  But the work is not all done for you.

Lead Generation

The “pipeline” is relatively automated.  All you have to do in order to have a steady flow of new affiliates, is provide a steady flow of prospects or leads.  Right now there are more people looking for an extra income stream than ever before.  Covid and government restrictions have cost some people their jobs.  These people are looking for an opportunity and this can be perfect for them.

You need your own system for lead generation.  In the beginning this can be friends and family.  But everyone is not interested right now so you need a way to find the people that are.  Many people use social media.  You can also run advertisements.  I wrote a whole blog about this at:

Follow-up, communication

People have questions.  Whether it is the company, products, compensation plan, or just where to find something in their back office, people ask questions.  You don’t have time to spend time answering the same questions over and over.  So you start a blog.  You also set up a Youtube channel.  This allows you to talk to everyone at the same time at their own pace.  You may even want to hold regular zoom meetings where people can meet other members of your team.  These are systems that start small and grow as you grow.

A newsletter is a good idea to allow those that want to to subscribe.  The newsletter can include tips and tricks that you may want to keep just within your teem, as opposed to on your blog where anyone can read it.

You want to automate as much as you can.  The newsletter might be once a week.  The blog may be as needed.  Videos as you learn things that you want to pass on to your team.

These systems all working together allow everyone to stay informed and motivated.

Mass emails

I started trying to do everything by hand and finally went with a commercial mass emailer.  This keeps your emails out of the spam box as much as possible.   It also allows people to subscribe or unsubscribe at will.  More importantly, the commercial systems keep your list clean.  Undeliverable emails are deleted from the system.  Naturally, you don’t want to send an email to anyone that does not want to receive it.  Your list stays clean.

I currently use GetResponse, but have been working on a proprietary system that will be a lot less expensive.  I should have my proprietary system ready to market inside of a month.  It will be software that you own and control and will require no monthly fees to anyone.  The programmers have been testing it and it will verify emails before you send them and even give you a spam score so you can keep them out of the spam box.

A fine tuned machine

After a while you get familiar with the company, products, and compensation plan.  You can answer any question.  You know how to find people.  You know how to keep the pipeline full.  You know how to get the information to the people that need it.  You have system of systems.  You can view your entire organization.  You know who is doing what.  You can help where necessary.

As tour team members see you and each other climb the Leaderboard, it provides motivation.  You can have competitions and blitzes.  You can offer incentives and prizes.

When members of your team rank advance or some other noteworthy accomplishment, you can share their achievements with your whole team.  This helps motivate everyone.

How to get started

If you are not on my team, but would like to be, simply take my FREE Tour and see if this business is for you.


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